The Wrong Woman


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.2/10 10 811 811


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Dina Meyer as Kay
Robyn Lively as Frances
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nozz 6 / 10

Okay till it comes down with chickflickitis in the middle

One obviously doesn't turn Hitchcock's The Wrong Man into The Wrong Woman just for novelty's sake. I was expecting a chick flick, so I wasn't surprised or disappointed when I found that the heroine lives in a world where all men are beasts. At least they're all interesting beasts, and like the protagonist of Hitchcock's movie the heroine here is unprepared and helpless when evidence seems to implicate her in a crime she didn't commit so I was looking forward to a fairly faithful remake. I didn't mind Danica McKellar's portrayal of helplessness; I think that in the real world that's how we behave when we're blindsided. Unfortunately, in the middle the movie loses its credibility when Mister Wonderful appears, at around the same time it develops that (unlike the Hitchcock movie) there is more than bad luck behind the false accusation, and perhaps worst of all the heroine remarks "I studied law" to justify the transformation of the movie into a women's empowerment story as she goes up against the system-- to the admiration, and with the help, of Mister Wonderful. However, unlike some sharper viewers who have commented here, I was unprepared for the ending and although I found it abrupt-- well, so was the ending to North by Northwest; and the welcome addition of an old-fashioned suspense scene in the last ten minutes of The Wrong Woman left me in a gratified and forgiving frame of mind.

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

Sorry, Wrong Woman is the Right Picture ****

Was there a total police cover-up regarding what happened? With the exception of that flaw, we have a wonderful picture here of a working housewife whose life is turned upside down when she is accused of assaulting a woman, the latter now comatose as a result of the attack.

From the beginning, it appears that the police are going out of their way to prove her guilty. Ditto for an alleged incompetent attorney for her defense who does nothing for her, and actually turns on her as the trial proceeds.

It is only when the woman is aided by someone from legal aid, and defends herself, that the tide changes.

There are continuously good plot twists. Her policeman husband really comes off as a sleazy character.

Very good film, worth watching.

Reviewed by rkasano 6 / 10

The whole case should've been thrown out of court.

I just watched this movie on lifetime 9/19/14. I was yelling at the TV practically the whole movie! Her whole case should've been thrown out of court! She wasn't properly mirandized! She's questioned by the officers in interrogation, she asks to call her husband, next thing you know they tell her that her bond is $500,000 and they are locking her up! Her lawyer was a joke and should've known that right from the beginning. Another thing! She was the wife of a police officer! She didn't have any knowledge of correct police procedures. Seems like her husband taught her nothing about how to handle police matters or correct procedures. She should've told her lawyer that she wasn't properly mirandized and any evidence obtain thereafter would be thrown out. In fact, the whole case should've been thrown out on a technicality! Her husbands behavior seemed off to me. He seemed like he didn't really care if she went to prison. I suspected him at first. I was correct that he was screwing around. Anyway, had to get this off my chest!

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