The Wendigo


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amaranthrose 4 / 10

I went in not expecting much and wasn't disappointed

It really wasn't much. It was cheesy, hilarious and definitely not horror. The editing was over the top and makes the movie look cheap. It's an okay "mockumentary"/found footage movie. But its nothing ground breaking. It reminded me of VHS if you ever seen that. I wouldn't say it's bad by any means, but it's also not that good either. It's somewhere in the middle. Giving it a 5 would be too generous though.

If you are expecting a movie with character backgrounds, lots of suspense and good effects, this probably isn't the movie for you. But if you are looking for a quick movie to watch just for fun and entertainment, then I would say go for it.

Reviewed by spaldingg-71902 4 / 10

Movie doesn't really go anywhere

There are hints of good acting here but it's mostly overshadowed by a nonexistent story. Spoiler alert everyone dies or becomes a zombie essentially. I'm a sucker for movies like this so it's worth watching just go in with low expectations with found footage. My favorite part was when one character was explaining Pangaea and how many religions overlap each other because those ideas were once on the same land mass. Not sure why that same character was such a douche to another and was the first to turn but it's what it is. The beginning part was pretty funny and lifelike so again two good/decent actors. The rest didn't add much to the story or just sucked. The cop was ok but was brief so doesn't really count. Monster design or cultist not sure but we have seen before.

Reviewed by melk0815 3 / 10

Waited so long for nothing

Where to start...I waited forever for this found footage wendigo film only to be so disappointed with the outcome. It was only a little over an hour and I almost couldn't make it to the end. This is NOT horror and is definitely NOT a creature feature. It's just bad acting, bad effects, and an even worse story line. The main subject, Logan, is absolutely terrible. I couldn't root more for his demise. If you're looking for a strong found footage horror film and a good wendigo storyline this is NOT the found footage film for you. I usually don't expect much from FF movies but this was a let down.

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