The Wages of Fear

2024 [FRENCH]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22% · 9 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
IMDb Rating 4.5/10 10 2946 2.9K
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bud-morans 5 / 10

If it weren't a remake of a classic . . .

. . . the new Wages of Fear would just be a mediocre action/adventure movie. But since it's a remake of a singular classic, it's atrocious. The original took a deep look at its characters, had a remarkable location, and delivered prolonged nail-biting suspense. This remake manages to be slightly exciting at moments, but that's all. But for viewer's who know the original -- or William Friedkin's remake, Sorcerer -- such excitement quickly wanes.

The scenario is the same: nitroglycerin must be delivered by trucks to an oil well fire to extinguish the flame. Nitroglycerin is highly unstable, so the drivers are taking their lives in their hands. In the real world, nitroglycerin has been replaced by other more stable explosives, so why it must be nitroglycerin now should have been explained, as it was in Friedkin's Sorcerer. A definite strike against this remake, but it's not the biggest problem.

The remake adds a ticking clock to the scenario: unless the fire is extinguished in twenty-four hours, a neighboring natural gas field will explode and destroy a nearby village. This does little to amplify the viewer's suspense.

The characters aren't much: two brothers, one of the brothers lover, and a bad guy. The brothers are estranged, as one blames the other for leaving him behind at the scene of a robbery nine months prior, and he has been doing time in a brutal prison. The brother who was at liberty during this time is the one with the lover, and he feels just dreadful about leaving his brother behind, but that's it. The at liberty brother's lover is quite lovely and works for a Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Bordere) type NGO, so she has principles and cares, but that's it. The bad guy works for the oil company and only reveals himself as the bad guy gradually. But any astute viewer, with no knowledge of the original, will see the reveal coming miles away.

But in this case, knowing the original might work against figuring that out, because there is no bad guy in the original. Instead, characters reveal themselves, their hidden natures, weaknesses, strengths, brutalities, and kindnesses as they haul their dangerous cargo over treacherous roads. One cries out, "We're paid to be afraid!" and in the original they are afraid, going up in isolation against the ever present possibility of death. And in this remake? They're kinda scared. At moments. But these are action/adventure heroes, buddies - no! Better! Brothers! - so their fear doesn't cut deep. How could it? They're cardboard cut outs. And here is where this remake falls off a cliff and explodes.

Beyond that, there's not much to say. The finale is sentimental, meant to be moving, which may have some screaming at the TV. I did. I guess anything resembling the original finale's breathtaking nihilism must have been vetoed by a producer, but that may be a good thing-I doubt the filmmakers could have pulled off anything close to it.

The acting is fine, although the actors aren't given much to work with. The acting and the cinematography, which often including sweeping panoramas of the desert, makes watching this new Wages of Fear tolerable. But people who remake a classic should aim for something higher than that. Otherwise they'll end up having contributed yet another data point in favor of the proposition that classics should not be remade.

Reviewed by prolead 1 / 10

Super snooze fest

When I first started watching the movie with the English dubbed version, I didn't enjoy it because the voices and sound effects seemed slow and unimpressive. I then tried watching it with the original soundtrack, but it didn't get any better. The action scenes, which should have been thrilling, were just not exciting at all, mostly because they were too focused on showing violence without a good pace. The sound editing was also not great, making the movie feel dull and uninteresting. It seemed like the filmmakers were more interested in filming some nice scenes in the rocky terrain than in developing a gripping story. I couldn't feel any empathy for the main characters when they were in danger or got hurt because the movie didn't make me care about them. In the end, it was really boring and not worth watching.

Reviewed by Otte1 3 / 10

I made it 7 minutes in.....

Yes, you read that right....just seven minutes into this movie and it was apparanetly clear how badly directed, written, edited and acted.

Editing First clue to a bad movie is when a very simple scene have multiple edits in just three seconds of scene. GUILTY. A chase scene was edited so badly that you did not know who were the good guys or bad guys.

Direction: The villain is only five seconds behind me, I ran off the road, get stuck, get pushed out and now the villain is about 30 seconds behind me. Stupid...just stupid. Oh, the the villain is steadily firing a machine gun and not hitting anything once.

Writing/Acting: I am about to lose my life and I rattle off a statement with the same emotion of ordering a soy latte.

Skip this movie.

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