The Vows We Keep


Drama / Romance

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David Kaye as Joe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dawalker-54320 5 / 10

Story was lacking.

Loved all the characters but the only decent relationship was the sisters. No romance at all. The best story was with the two older sisters. There could have been much more with them. Basically, good acting and bad execution with the story.

Reviewed by EPMD57 4 / 10

A romance without any romance

I agree with the others about the lack of romance. Most of the movie was about a family business. The lead couple's interactions with each other were almost an afterthought, and their relationship felt unearned.

If you have 80-90 minutes of screen time, you have to spend more than a couple of minutes on the lead couple if you want the audience to buy into them.

Reviewed by mamachikn 5 / 10

Classic Style Over Substance

PROs: The acting was good. Everyone did the best with what was given to them.

The script, like most newer movies, had an absence of the standard tropes or the tropes were done differently.

The scenery was nice, filmed at Harrison Hot Springs in BC and nearby Abbotsford. (We like to Google and check maps and images to figure out where exactly it was filmed).

It had a different vibe than expected.

It tries to be deep and philosophical, and sometimes it works.

CONs: In the noble effort to diversify, it is given precedence over personality. The leads had absolutely no romantic chemistry whatsoever. They would be friends, that's it.

The male lead was absent for a good chunk of the movie. The romance was nonexistent, and unnecessary.

The show tried to infuse drama, but it ended up forced and maudlin ( I looked that word up to be sure it was appropriate for this situation). Tears here and there in several parts of the movie. Way overdone and would have been more effective if used sparingly.

The ending was rushed and wrapped up quickly with no knowledge of what happened to make it all okay. We had to guess.

A voice over narrative at the beginning and ending which many would see as a nice touch, I found didn't make complete sense because I listened to what was actually said. The end voice gave reference to the title, which was made to sound more meaningful than it was. Or I just didn't get it.

The movie is all style over substance.

This weekend's premieres, for the first time ever, bombed, imho.

I was going to give it a 6, but going over what I wrote, I can't give it above a 5.

A waste of good actors.

Many will love it, as there is no Hallmark movie where someone doesn't say it's their favorite and they watch it over and over. #thevowswekeep SMH.

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