The Unscarred



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Steven Waddington as Travis Moore
Ornella Muti as Rafaella
Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Young Mickey
James Russo as Mickey Vernon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by My Ego Tripped 9 / 10

Cool little film that deserves more attention.

Just saw this film a week ago in a premier showing at the 3rd Cinemuerte film festival that takes place in Vancouver, B.C. And in the spirit of films like 'Shallow Grave' and 'Reservoir Dogs' comes this fun and surprising unpredictable thriller from director Buddy Giovinazzo ('Combat Shock' and 'No Way Home')

I don't want to ruin the plot, suffice to say James Russo give a great performance as the forty something Micky, who in serious debt with only a few days to pay off or else, gets an unexpected call and plane fare to meet in Germany for a reunion with three other exchange students he knew 20 years earlier when, in a drunken night of excess, his baseball career was cut short due to an accident caused by one of these three. Once in Germany an accident (maybe) involving the death of a young woman causes an escalation of events where secrets are revealed, plot twists are plenty, and by the end no one is left unscarred. ( Clever use of film title in review )

The best thing I can say about this film is that besides the technical excellence displayed, there were many moments where this film could have become excessive and over the top and at these times the director knew to pull back and keep the film on a subtle plot-course. It does come close to being silly a few times, I'll admit, but never once does it step over that line, and these days that is a remarkable achievement.

Over all, I highly recommend this film for it's direction, acting, photography, and in particular the writing, where the pacing of the film was so well done I never had the chance to get ahead of the plot. Well, maybe near the end, but so what?

This a good, tight, suspense filled drama that deserves some serious attention. Check it out.

Reviewed by sharpshark 6 / 10

Don't expect more than a good suspense thriller.

As a film interpreter I was given this film for translating. At first I thought: "Great, another movie I have never heard of." I must say I was suprised. I was fond of the plot and the twists. Although this film avoided showing in Czech cinemas, it has a good chance on videos, but under one condition - don't expect more than a good suspense thriller.

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 7 / 10

Polished mainstream effort from consistently interesting filmmaker

Buddy Giovanazzo is a consistently interesting filmmaker. COMBAT SHOCK and NO WAY HOME are my favourite Buddy films, and his short MANIAC 2: MR. ROBBY, is very good also, but THE UNSCARRED is a more mainstream film and certainly the director's most technically polished.

It boasts so many twists and turns that anything but a basic plot synopsis would do it damage. James Russo, a resident of New Jersey, is seriously in debt. When he is invited to come to Berlin by old friends, he accepts the offer.

Giovanazzo is adept at depicting violent, visceral scenes. He isn't shy of blood and he doesn't neglect the emotions behind violence, either. This film's bloody set pieces are handsomely shot and the performances are strong. The beautiful Ornella Muti (the unforgettable female star of TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS) is still gorgeous in this outing, though her delivery of the English dialogue is a little stilted.

A weak section of the narrative sees Russo irrationally instigating a short police chase. Clearly an example of something not carefully thought through, it is one of the few missteps in this otherwise effective suspense drama.

There are too many gratuitous travelogue shots of Berlin, probably a concession to the film's co-financiers.

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