The Tearsmith

2024 [ITALIAN]

Action / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17% · 6 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.1/10 10 7104 7.1K

Top cast

Dana Melanie as (voice)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eleanorordish 5 / 10

Get into the style and you won't find it that bad...

So. You cannot compare something like this to your Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption or Schindler's List, but if you go in thinking "hey, you know what, I fancy some sort of simple angsty drama romance with a tad more depth", you will find it meets just that.

I'm reading other reviews and they mention it's based off of a book and, when I fancy a bit of light reading that doesn't require a huge amount of brainpower, I'll be there. It feels like one of those coin-buying app novels where every chapter is a cliffhanger designed to keep you reading and written by someone who does it to pass the time but knows what's required to earn the big bucks.

Everyone is very characterised; you've got your inside, sunglasses-wearing villain with a cane, you've got the chisel-jawed, talented heartthrob brother (who isn't really your brother) as the male protagonist, you've got your strong-ish but also damsel-in-distress-ish female protagonist and you then decide to throw in your 2-Dimensional best friends who are either "just ugly" or going through "unrequited love" and boom: we got ourselves a story. I'm not going into how it insults each party, otherwise we'd be here all day, but I do simply want to say that the 2D friends just really angered me in the way they were "used". They added literally nothing to the story, just thrown in there for the sake of it and maybe to seem "more edgy". Hence, insulting.

I'm glad I read the reviews first because then I knew what I was walking into. I'll be honest, I saw more chemistry between these two main characters than the actors who were the leads in "One Day". Shoot me, if you will, but that's my honest opinion. The music was actually top-notch. Again, very angsty, very teenage-drama, and it hit the nail on the head for what it was aiming to be. Whack in some moody lighting and some - actually, honestly - pretty well-filmed cinematography and you've got yourself a reasonable watch.

Others have compared it to Twilight and I can't help but agree. In fact, I'd go as far to say that the acting of the main protagonists was actually better (in this, there was more lip-biting from the guy than the gal in comparison).

Dissecting what the writer likely would label as the "deep and meaningful" part of their story regarding what they went through as's a gentle subject for an awful lot of people, so this is where it's important to acknowledge the mark. Do I think it was highlighted as an important, deep and meaningful part of the storyline? No. The focus here was the romance and chemistry of our two protagonists. Then the rest of the issues were written around it to boost their relationship. If it meant to come across as the main point being victims finally standing up and calling out their abusers as the main subject, it fails. Because from what I saw, it's just about how two people came to love and support each other despite their awful upbringings.

Once you bring it down to that, I have to say, it was actually "alright". I won't be watching it again anytime soon, unless I'm wanting something on in the background as I paint my house's living room walls. I'm pleased, however, for those who found it particularly enjoyable because at the end of the day, each to their own and if you want to read further into the message (which is literally explained over and over again in a post-recorded narration because it presumes we're all stupid) then fair enough. Your passion is your passion.

I will say that it doesn't deserve below a 4 star review - even if you hated it, and I can empathise - because the casting, lighting, cinematography and (some of the) acting was actually not that bad.

Give it a shot if you're feeling poorly and taking a day off school or work.

Reviewed by noudlesoup 5 / 10

lacked the depth that the book had

I feel like this should've been a series or at least a longer movie, as there are too many crucial details in the book that they failed to mention in this movie. Especially a lot about Nica and Rigel's relationship wasn't really portrayed very well on screen and lacked the depth and detail present in the book, which is probably why most people rated this fairly low. I would, too, if I hadn't read the book before. Up until the middle of the movie it was pretty decent and followed the book accurately, but the rest felt incredibly rushed. I really urge people to read the book though, as it's way better than this adaption.

Reviewed by jazzie_77 7 / 10

Sensual and romantic

Sure, it was predictable. And the characters not very well developed. They could have dived in more, give the story more depth.

But I loved the romantic feel of the movie, there was enough chemistry between the two main actors and it was beautifully filmed. I don't really understand people saying it is all wrong... he had a childhood crush on her all along. They were not born into the same family. She arrived at te orphanage at the age of 8 years old. Then he kept his distance and acted like he didn't like her, and some psychological abuse went on there, so they did not really grew up normally, and they were also not related.

For the situation with the adoptive parents it would have been a bit complicated but I just see two young people attracted to each other and having the possibility now to explore that.

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