The Storm Warriors

2009 [CN]

Action / Adventure / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 5.2/10 10 1858 1.9K

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aclockworkbear 5 / 10

300 the martial arts film.

I waited years for this sequel and I finally got it and I am so disappointed. It was basically 300: the martial arts movie. It was so loaded with cgi from backgrounds to character animations. it had a weak story that wasn't endearing like the first, and it was missing the action of the first movie as well as some of the more interesting 'powers'.

the original had the feel of a video game come to life and done very well. This one was like the goth version. it was dark, disjointed and didn't flow the way it should have.

what can I say? the reviewers before me pretty much nailed it and I hate to repeat. So there it is. the third movie is coming, I hope it is better than this one!

Reviewed by wayfeel 6 / 10

Entertaining, good try but lacks the fun elements the first one had.

Such a long wait since the first one. Storm Rider 1 was really good by the way - better story line, better flow, better pace, better romance, better music, more varied scenes(inside castle, forest where two groups of people meet, dragon cave, village, etc), much more character development (ie every characters seem to have decent screen time), adequate CGI - given that was some 11 yrs ago, and better acting - Yes, better acting! ie. Sonny Chiba was unparalleled as Lord Conquer. Even Wind and Cloud had deeper emotions, more expressive then, really.

I would prefer the first one if not for the redeeming factors of Storm Riders 2 - more boastful, refined CGIs, much impressive and intense fighting choreograph which I enjoyed immensely. one battle too long, one ended prematurely if only it balances up a bit.

Some scenes unnecessary, some over dramatized to a point of dragging which make you just wanna scream "just get on with it!". I suppose the script just could have been much better and more varied scenes than just those few bleak boring ones which at times, looked a bit fake. The ladies also don't have much scene impact, a little shallow.

Overall, I don't mind watching it again purely for its fighting CGIs which was sheer indulgence. Everything else, I rather re-watch Storm Riders 1.

Reviewed by grandmastersik 8 / 10

A visual masterpiece

I'm not Chinese. I'm not a Wind and Cloud comic fan-boy. Perhaps these are the reasons that I can offer an objective opinion of this film?

The first Storm Warriors (released as The Storm Riders) excited visually, taking wuxia film to an all-new level of excellence; however, it suffered from a weak, rushed plot, with references being made to characters and events non-followers just found bemusing, proving that there really is no right way to please everybody.

This sequel suffered from the same flaws, only it wasn't so much as the plot being rushed this time around as it was the characters. The problem here is that for those who aren't already fans, nothing is known - and precious little revealed - about each individual, so when it comes time that we SHOULD be caring, it's not possible. But thankfully, the Pang Brothers' beautiful direction makes it something of an over-sight. I'll come back to this in a moment.

The pacing is good for an action film, with no time wasted in getting down to the root of the story, which is basically an average episode of Dragonball Z anyway. True, action/kung fu freaks would likely pine for some more traditional choreography, but the Pang Brothers lift this film out of the chop-socky genre and into that of fine art, defeating art-house kung fu classics, The Blade, and Ashes of Time on style points by unanimous decision.

Watching the film, it's interesting to know just how big a fan of the comic the Brothers are, for each shot is so lovingly captured, at points it almost looks like paintings in motion, and with their panel-by-panel method of storytelling, comics - if well done - could almost be deemed as such. And where CGI and after-effects are indeed the sine qua non for getting their vision of the tale across on-screen, where I may have argued in the past that such techniques "kill the art of film-making", here, they AMPLIFY it, breathing enchantment into every scene, every shot, every second, leaving something of wonder to the memory come the final credits.

I could now go on about all of the awesome techniques the fighters use, and how the cinematography fully captures them - and indeed, they're well worthy of a mentioning - but instead I'll simply point out the obvious issues to address before one decides to give this a view:

  • if you're uninterested by "style over substance", you won't enjoy this film

  • if you want an involving story, this film is not for you

  • if you want Fist of Legend-style kick arse kung fu, watch something else

  • if, however, you want to give this film a real chance, you may just come away a little bit richer for having done so... I know I did.

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