The Sixth


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Donald Trump as Self - 45th President of the United States
Joe Biden as Self - President Elect of the United States
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trusake 10 / 10

"What do we have, a republic or a monarchy?" Franklin replied, "A republic, if you can keep it."

It was all captured on video, there is no denying what happened that day. A US President attempt to become a king. But those that continue to call this a tourist walk, only want one thing, a one party rule to end democracy. On January 6th, MAGA attempted to capture the Capitol and every congress member within while the President watched his horrific creation based on election lies unfold. Brainwashed by a one man's ultimate goal of becoming a dictator they invaded the Capitol, luckily they failed, but only when those around the President had to beg him to stop his maniacal plan. Lives were lost, a nation divided even further, and this monster of now a former President is attempting finish what he started. It is up to the people to decide what kind of nation they want to live under, whether a democracy as it stands today, or a dictatorship with Trump at the helm. Just one word: Vote.

Reviewed by htownklown 1 / 10

Democrat Propaganda

This "attack" scenario was ginned up by the liberal Democrat, D. C. swamp machine in an attempt to ruin DJT's chances of winning a third presidential election. Yes, he did win the second time but was stolen by Democrat tomfoolery, a la counterfeit mail-in ballots and digital vote tampering.

This is such a one-sided hit piece. I am no longer shocked by the depth of the liberals irrationality. Trump Derangement Syndrome is legit and they have an infinite amount of it.

By all means though, watch this documentary. Anyone thinking of watching this should review all available security camera footage of January 6th that's been released to the public before forming any opinion.

Reviewed by jmstettner-83145 1 / 10


Sean Fine and Andrea Nix have a penchant for creating crockumentaries. In their LFG, they ignored the legality, legal proceedings, and the argumentation that went into the court tossing the case. Here, they ignore the tens of thousands of hours of video recordings taken on the spot that do not support their pre-decided storyline.

Their sources of information have a vested interest in making themselves look like heroes, when in fact they were not. History, even in the last four years, has shown the "official record" to be full of holes and counter-intuitive. The proof of state-sponsored coordination is coming to light and we get new evidence almost weekly now, from the Committee deleting files, contrary evidence being buried, the refusal to investigate any charge that disagreed with the political story, and perjured testimony. Fine/Nix ignore all of this.

Watch Capital Punishment (2021). Watch the raw video feeds. Watch the Capitol Police kill a woman with spray and prevent others from trying to save her life. One protester can be seen in several videos verbally and physically pushing the crowd to act out, he even can be seen pulling down police barricades. When he is identified, the FBI refuses to investigate him, denies that he's on their payroll (when he is), and when finally forced to bring him to trial, the DoJ gives him a suspended sentence. Well, of course, there's nothing to see there.

There is absolutely no investigation or charges brought against the cop who killed Babbit when in any police force in any city in any state in this country would have at the very least fired him for use of deadly force in a non-threatening situation. Babbitt clearly had no weapon, so deadly force was not required.

The Sixth (2024) is a crockumentary, the fantasy of political hacks who need to perpetuate The Big Lie to maintain power. Don't waste your time.

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