The Ride


Drama / Family / Sport / Western

IMDb Rating 6.6/10 10 545 545

Top cast

Michael Biehn as Smokey Banks
Jennifer O'Neill as Ellen Stillwell
Chris Owen as Steve
Martin Spanjers as George
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MARVSFURNACE 8 / 10

Fresh approach to the Modern Cowboy story

The movie captures the life's challenge of a young cowboy whose goal in life is to be a rodeo bull rider. The story is full of twists and turns yet the characters take them in stride.

The chapel scene with Franklin Graham is unique in the World Wide Pictures modern format of films. Yet his message that Belief in what Christ has done for us by His death and Resurrection...not our good deeds is a message most forgotten by MODERN Religious teaching. What message is more important to know? In summary, The scenery is quite breath-taking! The cast has good chemistry.I thoroughly enjoyed this film! I hope you will, too!

Reviewed by Lt_Coffey_182 7 / 10

Good calibre cheese. Biehn is superb.

The Ride is a very different kind of film that was never designed to break box office figures but rather convey a message. With strong religious themes throughout, the film is very much down to interpretation. As an atheist, I was angered at how Danny (Brock Pierce) appeared to be forcing Smokey (Michael Biehn) in to religion. This is how I saw it but it is entirely possible that Danny was simply trying to open Smokey's mind. Smokey's inevitable conversion to Christianity, whilst infuriating to me, was handled very well by Biehn.

Where the film flourishes is in the opposing sides to Smokey's character. On one hand he is a selfish drunk but also he is compassionate and cares deeply for Danny and Linette. Whilst not always reacting the best way to situations, Smokey knows what's right and eventually comes through. The relationship between Smokey and Danny is also very touching. Whilst not agreeing with Danny's behaviour, he displays great courage and a purely platonic love for the entire world. The bonds between the characters are visibly, very strong and you can't help but feel great empathy all the way through the film.

The main reason to watch this film is Michael Biehn. Whilst he should be in much better films than this, Biehn takes his role very seriously and gives one of his strongest performances in a very long time. Biehn walks a fine line between arrogance and charisma as he did in K2 and it is very convincing that he makes friends and enemies in equal measure. It is a very demanding role as Smokey Banks is a very complex character and Biehn as always exceeds all requirements.

Religion is still very much a taboo subject and whilst I myself am not Christian, I admire the film maker's courage in showing his beliefs. The major axe I have to grind with this film is the culture it portrays. I hate bull rodeos as they are immensely cruel and the whole cowboy way of life theme becomes a tad tiresome. The 'hicksville' ranch that Banks is staying at is so stereotyped that you can picture George W. Bush being extremely happy there.

The Ride is fantastic once you look through the cheesy themes as it touches the emotions with great power. It is the inner core of the film that remains in the mind after watching, making The Ride well worth watching.

Reviewed by satterwh 7 / 10

Predictable, but enjoyable

At the beginning, I had no expectations. When I identified it as a religious film, my expectations came in low. I found the film to be quite enjoyable, however ... even though I was predicting events before they were shown. This is definitely a film the entire family can watch together, and those are rare today. Performances aren't Academy Award material, but they fit the film quite well. Enjoy.

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