The Revelation of the Pyramids

2010 [FRENCH]

Action / Documentary

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Brian Cox as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomcollinsx 9 / 10

Don't be afraid of evidence.

The previous review proves the case - before any comment on the film's merits and claiming that he doesn't go in for conspiracy theories, the reviewer immediately labels the subject an 'amateur topic', and brings up the red herring of 'conspiracy' by invoking it as possibly the work of Scientology, and reveals the ad hominem attack that is so commonly relied upon when other more solid refutations simply don't exist. When he does get around to addressing the case laid out by the filmmaker, all he can say is to admit that 'based on their 'argumentation line' and "what they want you to think', that it makes sense to him. Duh. Forget about 'what they want you to think', and simply be open to the math and the realities of what stands right before us that we still can't somehow explain. The film is well done all around. The narrative voice and translations are handled well, and the numerous layers of math, geometry, physics and astronomy - and the implications of all of these 'coincidences' is compelling.

Reviewed by MuviFan73 8 / 10


I will give an account of what fascinated me the most ( w.r.t Giza) after watching and researching this documentary.

Golden Ratio: The surface area of above four surfaces totaled divided by area of base gives golden ratio. If we consider mid distance of one of the four sides from the centre length to be one the height gives square root of golden ratio and the hypotenuse golden ratio itself. The triangle that gives us this numbers measures angles as 38-90-52 degrees.

pi: If we consider height of pyramid as radius and use '2 x radius x pi' we get perimeter of the base. Thus (perimeter / 2r) gives us pi.

speed of light: The coordinate of location give numerical value of speed of light. Also if diagonal of square formed by base is considered diameter to bigger circle and the length cutting midpoints of sides is considered diameter to small circle. Circumference of bigger circle formed subtracted by circumference of smaller circle gives 'numerical value' of speed of light.

Feel free to google it yourselves.

The structures portrayed in documentary and their locations (with respect to each other) are fascinating.

Final Verdict: If you have asked me a few years ago about the construction of such structure's, I would have said it to be that by Aliens or living beings from not of this time. Today however I feel it could have been built by the humans then as it contains math that can be seen in nature as well.

Reviewed by mrheub 1 / 10

The documentary is nicely done but not based on facts

If you speak French, listen to this interview of the author of the book (Grimault) (and the director of the film, Pooyard) .You'll soon realize that he is a quack, contradicting himself almost as much as Donald Trump and that his measurements (the presence of the meter in the construction) and his claims (the symmetry of the statue, the alignment of the sites, etc) haven't been proven and are not based on a scientific approach. They're distorting reality to reach the conclusions that suit them to make a riveting story.

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