The Redemption: Kickboxer 5


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Mark Dacascos as Matt Reeves
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Reviewed by The__Watcher 4 / 10


This killed the whole Kickboxer series. I can't believe they said that David Sloan died in the beginning of the movie. Tong Po wasn't finished yet, because he ran away in part 4. The real Kickboxer Series Saga didn't end. If they made Kickboxer 5, it should have been about the Sloans again. I was so angry!!!! They shouldn't have called this Kickboxer 5. They just wanted Kickboxer fans too see it. If you are a Kickboxer fan, don't watch this one, it has nothing to do with the other Kickboxers. They should have called this movie something else. Why did they call it "Kickboxer 5". It's probably a good martial arts flick, but it shouldn't have been the sequel to the Sloan Saga.

Reviewed by gorthu 5 / 10

Nothing special, but not too bad

I probably went into this movie with my expectations set too high. James Ryan plays the villain and that is why I was so excited to see it. In case people don't know, he was the star of 'Kill or Be Killed' and 'Kill and Kill Again', 2 of the best American martial arts movies ever made. He plays the villain in Kickboxer 5, and does a fine job, but he is not in nearly as good of shape as he was 15 years prior to when this movie was made. He has not aged very well. Marc Dacascos is the star of the movie and he does a good acting job, but my main problem is that the fights are nothing special. Some good kicking, but that is really all that I enjoyed. The story is not even worth going over. It is pointless. Don't waste your time with watching this movie, even if you are a Marc Dacascos fan. He has a few good moments, and that is the only reason the movie is worth watching.

Reviewed by wolfstorm 3 / 10

Great fight scenes but rather bad plot and dialogue.

As usual Dacascos displays some excellent moves and great style in the fight scenes. The choreography ain't half bad either. However, thats the only compliment I can come up with for this movie. The dialogue will have you cringing and the plot is extremely weak and full of holes.

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