The Pretender 2001


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.4/10 10 2805 2.8K

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Jon Gries as Broots
Yannick Bisson as NSA Agent Edward Ballinger
Andrea Parker as Miss Parker / Catherine Parker
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Reviewed by cavarner21 10 / 10

Awesome and mind-blowing!!

The Pretender 2001 movie was the greatest of the Pretender. It answered some questions and brought up more questions. Can't wait for the sequel. The cliff hanger is surprising and mind-blowing about Miss Parker and Jarod. Hopeful the sequel will be greater and finally solve the questions or mystery of Jarod and Miss Parker. Very Greatly entertaining!!! I give it 10 stars..

Reviewed by skyfish9401 8 / 10

A worthy sequel

This sequel to the NBC series "The Pretender" was released in January 2001, months after the show had been cancelled, in response to an Internet campaign by legions of devoted fans. The movie picks up right where the last season left off, and all of the major characters as well as the plot are intact. The movie retains the tone and style of the series, but also includes a basic introduction for viewers not familiar with the plot. Michael T. Weiss reprises his role as Jarod, a human chameleon able to assume any role or profession he wants. Kidnapped by a shady organisation called the Centre as a child, he was trained by Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) and then, as a grown man, fled to have a chance at the life he had missed. Now, Centre operatives Miss Parker (Andrea Parker) and computer geek Broots (Jon Gries) have been assigned to hunt for him. The movie involves Jarod's and Miss Parker's attempts to find the truth about their respective pasts. Many more secrets are revealed and questions raised in the new TNT movie, making it a worthy sequel as well as a possibly bankable franchise for the network.

Reviewed by freakfire-1 6 / 10

Jarod is the Pretender

It has been a while since I have seen the old Pretender TV series. But boy, seeing this movie does bring back some memories. And while it is not as spectacular as I remember, it is still a solid performance by everybody involved. And this wasn't any different.

Jarod becomes an FBI agent in search of why his old Centre friend was shot and put into a comatose state. He takes on his old partner and begins to follow clues as to who this 'ghost' is. Some things, like the corny assassination of his friend were a little expected, but it did add to the drama. Everything unfolds and Jarod gets closer to his ultimate truth.

In short, it is a nicely done movie sequel to the series. Not great, but hey nobody is perfect. "B-"

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