The Omen


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26% · 168 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40% · 250K ratings
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Julia Stiles as Katherine Thorn
MyAnna Buring as Tabloid Reporter #2
Liev Schreiber as Robert Thorn
Michael Gambon as Bugenhagen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Void 4 / 10

Yet another pointless remake

Like most of the horror loving community, the news that British classic The Omen was to suffer an Americanised remake wasn't welcome, but I figured I'd give it a fair chance anyway. As usual with remakes, I now wish I hadn't as all this film does is remind me of how good the original is. Indeed, there is nothing that the remake has over the original and all it is offers is a tired retelling of a very good story. The plot hasn't been changed, but the film does offer some new ideas, all of which are misplaced and don't work well - bringing the two towers into it being a case in point. Anyway, the plot focuses on Robert Thorn, the British ambassador and a man who unwittingly takes on the Devil's child after his own died at birth. A few odd events later and Thorn becomes convinced by various parties that Damien is the devil's spawn and so sets off to get some daggers to kill him with.

The cast is one of the most annoying things about this remake. Liev Schreiber is a poor successor to the brilliant Gregory Peck, while the likes of Julia Stiles, Mia Farrow Michael Gambon and Pete Postlethwaite all fail to impress in their respective roles. The kid that they've got to play Damien isn't menacing at all, and this is a huge dent in the film as this is an important role that the audience must believe is the root of all evil. The film has none of the atmosphere of the original, and the glossy cinematography does the plot line no favours. The over the top death scenes were a big part of the 1976 classic, but here they suffer from the same problem as the rest of the film - that being the fact that they're well known now and so don't have the power that they did in the original. A lot of the people that see this won't have seen the original, but for those of us that have watching this remake is an excruciating waste of time. The original Omen received a couple of pretty terrible sequels, but not one of them (not even Omen IV) are even half as bad as this crappy effort. Overall, I can't recommend this film to anyone - fans of the original will hate it for not living up to the standard, and those that haven't seen the original will hate it because it's just so poor. Don't bother, is my advice to everyone.

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

By Remake Standards, Better Than Average

What happens when the son of the devil is raised by an American politician and his young wife? Exactly what you'd expect: all hell breaks loose!

While I haven't seen the original Omen in a while, I remember a few key scenes clearly and I remember I liked it. This alone is enough to make me wonder why they remade it (why remake good movies when there are so many bad films to fix?). But they did good, keeping many scenes identical but making the story very 2006 appropriate.

My favorite thing about the film was the adaptation of the plot to fit around 9/11, and the space shuttle disaster, which were obviously missing from the original. This does seem to imply that American tragedies are more important than non-American ones, though. Many people really feel the apocalypse is coming, so this was an appropriate choice. I also like the move from English characters to Americans (though this really doesn't matter).

The demons were spooky and the new Damien is one goony looking little boy, which is great. I don't mind a Damien that looks like Batboy from the Weekly World News. The other actors were also decent: Mia Farrow, best known to horror fans from that other Satanic child film, "Rosemary's Baby", was the perfect nanny and Liev Schreiber has that level of fame that makes him great for starring roles of this sort (not too big to overshadow the film, but big enough to fill the shoes). See "Phantoms" if you don't believe me. The actors did many of their owns stunts, with Liev Schreiber even cracking a rib.

My biggest concern was Julia Stiles. I said to myself, "Self, this chick is known for over-acting in Shakespearean romances and teen comedies... can she tone it down enough for a horror film?" A few moments had Stiles poking her melodramatic head up out of the ground, but overall she played it straight and I think she was commendable.

The kid who played Damien in the original returns here as a reporter, but don't throw out your copy of the original Omen. But don't go out of your way to avoid this one, either. It is a solid horror film with more than competent directing and acting behind it.

Reviewed by utgard14 4 / 10

See the Original Instead

Virtual scene-for-scene remake of the 1976 Omen film with the 21st century music video gloss that passes for cinematography now. That this was made by the same director who would later do the awful Max Payne and A Good Day to Die Hard should come as no surprise. John Moore is a director more focused on making a film look good than actually be good.

Did The Omen need to be remade? Of course not but such is the nature of the business. Before I start going on a diatribe about that, I'd better get back to this film and what's good or bad about it. What's good: some nicely staged scenes, but nothing particularly creative or original. For a director so obsessed with visuals, Moore offers little to improve upon the original's film's creative death set pieces. He just copies them. How creatively bankrupt is this man? As for the bad: the movie is plodding, unoriginal, often boring with no suspense or scares worth mentioning. Will viewers unfamiliar with the original film feel the same way? I think so unless these viewers are just generally unfamiliar with movies altogether. The cast is nothing to write home about. Julia Stiles tries and Liev Schrieber is dull as mud. Mia Farrow does fine with a performance that, judging by some of the praise I've seen, is a tad overrated.

Overall, it's yet another misfire remake of a superior film. Do yourself a favor and see the original instead. If you already have seen the original, watch something else. Something new or something old you haven't seen before. Just not another crappy horror remake.

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