The Old Man Movie


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kinolind 7 / 10

Gorgeous animation!

Okay. This movie is pretty controversial at the comedy part. I have now seen it twice and the first time I saw it, the crowd was laughing the entire time. The second time I saw it, the crowd laughed a whole lot less. So. In my opinion, this movie isn't the cleverest comedy but there are still some jokes that are hilarious (the ending for example). But now. I just have to say this. The animation is freaking gorgeous! It looks truly amazing. Hats off to whoever was responsible for the props and sets. So... even if you don't like the plot, I think you will admire the animation.

Reviewed by zteelb 6 / 10

Idea does not work so well as a movie

This film is based on characters from Vanamehe Multikas episodes available in the YouTube. YouTube episodes consist usually a short animations with one or more clever punch lines and some of them are quiet hilarious. Sadly the movie does not come out as well as the short episodes. You can find some good episodes hidden in the movie but most of the movie feels just like a filler till the next good scene. I can't say that I did not laugh few times, but considering how much I like the episodes, the movie felt a bit disappointment. But if you are a fan of Vanamehe Multikas, then it is worth watching this nevertheless.

Reviewed by BeneCumb 6 / 10

Over-the-top stuff, yet uneven and sometimes protracted

I have not seen many of the cartoons forming a kind of basis and starting point for this film, but I had some ideas what to expect. Well, this three-dimensional animation was created with peculiarities (it seems that the creators enjoyed the process), and some really funny elements were used for characters and background. There was a lot of actions, funny lines, twists and turns, distinctive and matching choice of music, but the story itself was not too catchy and not too elaborate. The milk topic and related good vs. bad characters made me just shrug my shoulders and follow the events in a laid-back manner. True, I can hardly regard me as a member of its target audience.

Several references to Estonian notions and expressions apparently hinder the film being popular abroad, but locals (particularly below 40 years) interested in Vanamees-cartoons would probably value this narration with already known characters as well.

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