The Nature of Love

2023 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93% · 29 reviews
IMDb Rating 7.0/10 10 1952 2K


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chenp-54708 7 / 10

Simple and quirky romantic comedy

Romantic comedies usually aren't my favorite genre but filmmaker Monia Chokri creates a simple, sweet and fun romantic movie with strong performances, interesting camerawork, atmosphere, and style.

Throughout, the narrative is the typical romantic comedy setting with interesting themes of social class, sexuality, exploration and connection but Chokri's direction, writing and approach to the narrative works as it's clear the movie doesn't take itself fully seriously and there are some interesting and creative choices to explore the characters and setting. The characters are interesting to explore while at times some of the developments and dialogue moments between them felt a bit too forced and left to be desired.

The performances are pretty good with each actor giving wonderful chemistry and moments together. All in all, while it's not something grand or amazing, it's a good fun romantic comedy movie with a good energy. French Canadian cinema is oftentimes not discussed much and it deserves to be discussed more.

Reviewed by aheaven2005 7 / 10

Good and bad things

There's a lot of good things in Simple comme Sylvain. The chemestry between the two main actors is awesome and the tension is incredible in the first act. Christine Beaulieu is also fantastic in a perfect anticasting. Bonus points for Still Loving You being so well integrated. Sadly the direction and photography just annoyed me too much and make me loose immersion. There's a point in the film where all shots are claustrophobic, use a object to hide parts of the characters, are digitally cropped and loosw resolution or leverages a veil. There's also that annoying fast zoom that just takes me out of it. Sad because other than that it was a great movie.

Reviewed by acanacox 6 / 10

Grass isn't always greener on the other side syndrome

That's basically it!

A woman falls for a carpenter?....or someone who was fixing up their new country house. They fall in love basically like THAT. The very cliche: fall in love but not in love, more of~ sex~ than actually getting to know each other (scenes where inaudible dates happened so I assume that's where they get to know each other). Their fling lasts from mid fall to almost winter~so...not knowing much of anything of the real person they're both dealing with.

Pretty long width of scenes of just love love love. Ok...we get it....we all know what's to happen, like the titanic, there's gotta be a hitch to this perfect honeymoon phased romance~ there it is~ they don't trust each other at one point due to flirtation and an ex husbands jacket laying on a couch. Even though she was honest, and denied cheating...haha...irony....he goes into a rage of not trusting her of her denial..... Harsh words spat at each other of name calling. They don't talk for a while, she goes back to ex husband to fool around and num the pain of missing the other guy, fools around with a grocery store clerk....all to most likely get rid of missing the man.

They finally get back together and she gets the impression that he only thinks of her as someone for sex and not for love~ as she confronted him next morning after the make up devils tango~ he denies by saying he was *drunk*....she starts to think their love affair isn't all glorified and the grass is more brown than it seemed from afar....and it has some serious patch works to overcome~eh hem~Xenophobe~ Her friends at the end~...kind of make it with facial cues that they...don't really like this guy...but still awkwardly take in a surprise birthday proposal from the they awkwardly clap as she doesn't say "yes" but just slips the ring on her own finger.

At the very end~ it's clear she knows she wouldn't be happy and most likely wished she didn't know the real him- - - - xenophobe, flirtatious (with a cousin by marriage), rage issues, jealousy, talks too honestly to her while drunk.

Moral of the story~ Get to know the guy before he jumps on you and proposes marriage before you're even divorced. Like...just...maybe get to know his beliefs and his issues and dating history...that might help ya~ Anyway~ Yea it's the "greener on the other side" movie basis.

Nice story, just went long after the moment they split from the husband and you see a lot of perfect dating and makes it long seemingly. Could have shortened it a tad bit there.

Scriptwriting~ was pretty excellent! 7.5/10! I love scriptwriting and there were moments it was poetic!

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