The Myth of the American Sleepover


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Megan Boone as Kerri Sullivan
Amy Seimetz as Julie Higgins
Jade Ramsey as Anna Abbey
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Reviewed by MOscarbradley 7 / 10

A real charmer.

"American Graffiti"-lite. "The Myth of the American Sleepover" is about what boys and girls get up to on a summer's night and no, it's not what you might expect if you rely solely on the movies for your information. The closest they get to sex is a bit of petting; they drink beer and vodka but stop short of getting drunk and 'fighting' is limited to an egg and a slap being thrown. This was David Robert Mitchell's first film and it's a real charmer. Nothing happens but his delightful young and untried cast make spending time in their company a real pleasure and Mitchell is content just to let them be themselves. There are no dramas and nothing bad happens. This is a movie to make us think back to our own youth and smile.

Reviewed by TheFilmGuy1 6 / 10

A Modern Day John Hughes Film That Doesn't Quite Hit The Mark

I call this a "modern John Hughes" movie because, just like the John Hughes films of the 80's, they tell stories of teenagers that can hit home with many people. This film tackles some of the not only more modern issues with teenagers, but the deeper issues. I think where it misses its mark is with some of the characters themselves. The story surrounding them may be interesting, but the characters...not so much. For example, I thought the "twins" story line was interesting, but the guy who played the character which this plot surrounds wasn't very likable (perhaps due to his terrible haircut). I think a better casting could have improved this film. The movie looks at teenage life through a slightly nostalgic point of view, but I think it benefits from this. It also shows high school from different points of view, such as a freshman, a senior, or even someone who has already graduated from high school. This film had potential and some good moments, but overall didn't quite hit the mark.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

end of summer

It's the last days of the summer and high school is starting up soon. Janelle Ramsey invites new girl Claudia to her sleepover party but she may know Cameron's boyfriend. Maggie and Beth would rather not go to the sleepover. They get invited by Cameron to a party. Rob Salvati brags about fictional hookups. Scott Holland leaves college and becomes obsessed with twins Ady Abbey and Anna Abbey. His sister Jen tells him that they have left for college frosh week lockup. These and other young kids party at the pool, the makeout maze, and other places waiting for the end of summer.

This is a much-filmed genre. This has a few moments of interesting dialog or scenario. The actors are mostly amateurs. Filmmaker David Robert Mitchell pulls from quite a few coming-of-age stories. The production is generally professional. The use of new faces does give a sense of genuineness. However, following so many characters does scatter the tension. This may work better losing one main story and a couple of characters. The amateur high school actors have their charms but also have their deficiencies.

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