The Mystery of Chess Boxing

1979 [CHINESE]

Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.7/10 10 737 737


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RectalGORE 8 / 10

A good kung fu film that has been dubbed funnily

Ninja Checkmate is a good kung fu film. It has a cool story, great fights and funny dubbing.

The plot of Checkmate Ninja is about a young man who admits a kung fu school in which his class mates don't really like him. Therefore, He becomes a friend of school's cook whose kung fu techniques are very interesting. However, the cook sends him to a chess master who at first, refused to take him as his pupil, but he agreed to take him as his pupil. The chess master teaches the young man some great techniques with which he will use while fighting against the bad guy.

This film contains many fights, private kung fu lessons, funky haircuts, funny clothes and controversial dubbing which I actually like. I really like Ninja Checkmate despite its lack of ninjas. However, I suggest that you check this kung fu film. The fights at its ending will totally blow your mind!!

Reviewed by ChungMo 6 / 10

Fun kung fu classic from the Times Square days

If you remember anything that made watching kung fu films fun in the late 1970's and early 1980's this film has it. The crazy dubbing, the bizarre behavior of the kung fu fighters, nutty old man wigs and elaborate energetic fighting moves that make no practical sense.

I somehow missed this one completely and finally caught up to it. I can see why it remains a cult classic. The lead villain, the Ghost Face Killer, likes to verbally taunt his victims while performing kung fu moves by himself. He intersperses the moves with half a sentence here and there so it takes a while to complete his taunt. The rest of the film would be standard low budget kung fu film fare but the fighting scenes are really, really well done. These actors (well some of them could act) really could move. Not that all the moves make a lot of sense but it's entertaining.

The only problem I had is the TV print I saw is very badly transfered which made the film a chore to watch at times. It was missing an entire scene so that the young hero shows up all beaten up and we never see why. Also the cook character played by Simon Yuen is killed off-screen by the villain but it's only mentioned in passing. It seems like that scene is missing also.

Good fun.

Reviewed by brlfrndz 8 / 10


I heard about this movie because of the famous rap group The Wu-Tang Clan. So i checked it out on youtube. And man is it fast!!!! When i say say fast, I mean it is difficult to keep up with a technique that is so complex. There are excellent fight scenes, especially at the ending! The acting isn't so terrific, but since this is real genuine kung-fu that very few practice, it doesn't matter. The storyline is decent, but you don't always need a storyline for old fashioned fun. Funny haircuts, funny English dubbing, intensely good scenes. It would make an excellent remake.

Plus, it's not overly violent either. Kids tend to watch kung-fu movies regardless of the violence level. So this would also fall into parental approval.

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