The Moromete Family



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexfizeau 10 / 10

Just excellent...

It is a great film. I think you all should see it to learn a bit of Romania's history before 2nd World War. The film is based on the Marin Preda's (the greatest Romanian novelist who ever lived) novel having the same name. Although Preda wrote the second part of this novel, the film is only about the first part. The leading character is Ilie Moromete, a village habitant, a thinker, who loves to contemplate and think about his life and especially about his times of living, his country's history reflected on facts, not words. He nows very well how to turn any kind of situation in his favor and just loves to laugh on stupid peoples' mistakes and lack of knowledge, not as some kind of a joker, but with simple phrases, making the man to think about his gestures or behavior on certain situations. His family falls apart when his teenage sons (Achim, Nila and Paraschiv) run to Bucharest to escape the so called village prison and father's protective eye and to become men, to live on their own. His youngest son, Niculaie, has just one thought in his head: to go to school. His father doesn't offer him money because he always tells everyone his favorite line: "I d not have it ! What can I do ? I just don't have it !"

Reviewed by Cris_Drg 9 / 10

The silent beauty before the storm

This film brought to life one classic in Romanian literature - actually, only the first volume. It's a story centered around a an uneducated, poor, 'simple' man - Moromete, a dreamer at heart, a great pretender - pretending his problems away until they blow out of proportions and burst out.

Giulea must've chosen to keep it black &white – and it helped create authenticity, and depth: the poverty, the tension, and emotionally bleak atmosphere of the Moromete family really gets to you.

It could be my attention spam shifting for the second hour, but I saw how the composition and the planning of the scenes disintegrate along with the story plot. The first half has an inner consistency, an inner beauty - the carefully prepared composition, the candle light faces or the contre-jour, slightly overexposed and soft look are very impressive. It looks beautiful while it feels gloomy, and that makes you an accomplice. And the camera always looks up to Moromete – he feels like a giant in his made-up world, he looks like one to us. Then it all falls apart – and the focus moves from form to content.

The silent beauty before the storm. Weelll, at least it shows it could've been beautiful, despite lack of money or illness.

If you don't know the story... his idealism keeps him from emotionally connecting to his family – he takes care of 'business', he cares for them financially, but fails to recognize them as human beings. They're as real to him as the politicians he comments on – and make no mistake! This is a very smart man. Many fathers make the same mistake, with predictably the same results.

Interestingly enough, as if giving Moromete a chance to redeem himself as a parent, his youngest son resembles him – a dreamer and a thinker, begging for a chance to embrace his true nature. Again, Moromete fails to see what's important, what is already lost and what can still be saved. The dreamer in me hopes that the second part of the book restores hope – for the first ends in failure.

As far as I can tell (never having read the book) the mistake this man makes is not choosing his own destiny, pretending to be something he's not. He projects his own flaws onto others, oblivious to the intrinsic imperfection of human nature and reality he demands perfection. He basically refuses to face life while pretending to know everything about it, except his own refusal. And, the worst of all (in my eyes), he doesn't know when to stop the charade and acknowledge his loses. A blind mule.

While that may be a fine way to live your own life, it's a heavy burden for children left without the care, love, attention or guidance of a parent, but with the blame of needing them. That's his "crime", and he never accepts to suffer for it. His own pain – had he accepted it and expressed it – could've set him free.

Reviewed by eduard-volff 10 / 10

The story of a farmer who all of the sudden is faced with lots of problems and tries to resolve them in a very clever manner

This is a great movie to watch, since Victor Rebengiuc, the actor playing Ilie Moromete has the most convincing acting i've ever seen. I would compare him with great Hollywood names such as Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino. And in doing so, he plays according to the book and very into the character. Ilie Moromete can be considered a very funny man, because his comments are acid and humorous in the same time, always striking his discussion partners with his answers. He is also very cunning, resolving many of his problems in a very intelligent manner.

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