The Mask You Live In


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67% · 6 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 7.6/10 10 2816 2.8K

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Ashly Burch as Herself - Actress and Writer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pinkflint 9 / 10

Must See Film

The film, The Mask You Live In, demonstrates the difficulties that men face in society to fulfill the expectations associated with the idea of manhood. The film illustrates the pressure from parents and other adults to limit the expression of emotions because it is viewed as a weak and negative characteristic that is typically associated with girls. The mindset of constantly hiding emotions and portraying a sense of toughness, just to make sure one does not loose their manhood, can lead to bullying or depression because it psychologically affects boys and men. Additionally, media plays a significant role in pressuring the idea of manhood because it illustrates a limited view of what men should be. A significant amount of violence and porn can influence how men treat women in society simply to prove their manhood. I think the film does a great job at showing these ideas to the audience to help understand the mix messages society creates to define manhood, and the need to redefine the ideas and concepts of manhood.

Reviewed by sarofed 10 / 10

Loved by my masters class

I assigned this film for a master's level ethnic conflict class. The vast majority of the (male & female, gay & straight, black, white, hispanic) appreciated how the film unpacked the pressure on men. We unconsciously buy into so many norms that serve so few people. This gave us a great way to talk about these issues.

Reviewed by LovinMoviesMakinGames 1 / 10

Did they even interview a man????

Factual or even relevant content is replaced with piano music and hyperbole mixed with contrived nonsense from people who know nothing of the male experience. There are so many factors in modern society affecting men. The ridiculous attack on masculinity mixed in with, well very mixed expectations of men, constant accusations and assumptions that every man is either a rapist, child molester, soon to be violent offender, ... the lack of any support or even respect for single fathers. The 9:1 ratio of men to women in prison and bias there... this documentary fails on every level starting with integrity and ending with any relevant content.

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