The Little Alien

2022 [DANISH]

Adventure / Animation / Family

IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 151 151

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nxxnne 2 / 10

An Unforgettable Mess

I'll keep this one short, the textures weren't good, they're almost playdough-like and they lacked detail, same for the characters, the characters felt washed out and so simple, of course often simple is associated with 'good' however that was not the case here I'm afraid, and the characters weren't likeable, and it just tried too hard in general, there's nothing unique about this movie, after I finished watching it, I felt nothing, it didn't stick to me, I didn't think about it, it just went straight out of my thoughts and I moved on, that's how horrible it is, obviously it's a low budget movie and you SHOULDN'T expect DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar Animation and graphics quality, if that's what you expect you will be immensely disappointed, although I kept my expectations low and I didn't expect too much anyway, there are so many better movies out there that you could pick, back to the subject of quality, the story wasn't anything special either, like who comes up with such? I never expected much from this "studio" anyways, it's obviously an independent film, but that shouldn't be an excuse for a horrible movie, I paid good money to see it, even went as far as to watch it in the cinema for some odd reason just because I want to show that I actually supported this knowing it was indie, when I say it's horrible it's not because I'm brainwashed by big-budget-studios, it's because of honesty, it's just.. bad... It's forgetable, it's boring, I know people who almost fell asleep watching it, it feels like someone's first attempt at a animated movie with a VERY limited budget, thought they would be passionate about this movie but it seems like I was wrong, I couldn't find the passion, the heart in this movie, it just wasn't there, and I'm sorry to say that.

If you're thinking about watching this which I doubt you are, watch it with very low expectations, because it doesn't even have a proper climate, it doesn't have proper character development or likeable characters

take Mickey Mouse for example, he's unique, so is Garfield, Donald Duck', Goofy their so simple yet so unique, but is this movies characters unique? No.

They feel like their done by some 13 year old who just learnt the basics of blender modeling (not to discredit actual talented minors out there)

There is no talent put in this horrible movie, and if there ever was, why wasn't I ever proven wrong?

The only thing that kept me watching it was the torture.

Reviewed by artespecialist 1 / 10

Don't waste time and money on this

Went with the family to see this in cinema...OMG what a waste of time. No fluid story line...and a lot of sick ideas...nothing for the kids to learn....i kept looking at the watch, never waited for a animation to end sooner......Creepy old lady with her boobs hanging and malicious sexual gestures are lines, too much emphasis on divorce...omg hire proffesionals who know jow to write..You have allen and aliens on the posters, but that is actually the side story.... Do not waste money on this, just isn't worth it. If this is the piancle of danish animation, then you have a long way to go...Just painful to watch.

Reviewed by bree_tiki 4 / 10

Questionable language/cursing

I heard while watching the movie "Jackass" "Sissyboy" and "Dammit" to name a few. It is rated TVPG so thought it would not drop bad words. It did contain some sad family dynamics but I didn't think that was too prominent. I noticed more the fact the son was trying to make the most of the new situation. Finding friends and learning to communicate better is what we took away from the movie. The evil character, that every kid movie needs to have, is a bit disturbing. Especially that he is wanting to stuff the alien. My son did not really understand what that part was all about thought.

Otherwise I thought it was ok. My son liked it.

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