The Legend of Jack and Jill


Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.1/10 10 710 710

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miss_toucan 2 / 10

Awful movie

I think there are a lot of fake ratings here. I just can't see how anyone that wasn't involved with the film or best friends with cast or crew could rate this so highly. The characters Jack and Jill don't even really make sense.

Two children are sent in to the woods by their mother to escape a man that is after them.

They turn feral and for some reason lose the ability to talk and become deformed. If they were together, why would they not be able to talk anymore? Why did they become deranged killers? It was not as if they were left in the woods when they were two or three years old and hadn't developed speech well enough yet.

They were old enough to be able to keep communicating with each other throughout the years so shouldn't have any speech problems.

The makeup on Jack and Jill is really bad. They have very Neanderthal looking faces, yet as children they were completely normal looking.

This is basically a crazed inbred mountain man attacking hikers kind of movie. Once you've seen one, they are all pretty much the same.

Reviewed by myleskilmister 3 / 10

I could have rated it a 1, but...

Abby Casson Thompson is beautiful, just for her, this movie is worth a 3 for me.

The film is bad, the script could be acceptable if the performances had been convincing, I understand the low budget, but something better could have been done.

But again, Abby and her legs were the main focus I gave to the film, even a bad performance, her beauty makes up for it. The movie lacks emotions, Jack And Jill's makeup is very bad, it is not explained if they use a mask with human skin or if it is a deformity that happened to them over time.

Anyway, it's good to watch movies like this, to pass the time or just to have fun.

Reviewed by Dottsylove 4 / 10

Quite laughable

Hmmmmm, why the choice of cro-magnum man?? Anyway, a bunch of people go missing in one particular forest and we are taken on a journey with one of the missing family in search of said missing. Problem is the acting is a tad annoying and Jack and Jill --who were normal well speaking children turn into grunting cro-magnum creatures solely because they started living in the forest --What??? I mean I guess just for that laugh it's sorta worth watching but nahhhh. Just don't bother, the story stinks, acting bad and boring. So, it gets a 4.4-4.5 stars out of 10.

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