The Last Time


Comedy / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35% · 17 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39% · 2.5K ratings
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 4084 4.1K


Top cast

Brendan Fraser as Jamie Bashant
Michael Keaton as Ted Riker
Neal McDonough as Hurly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aisiop 5 / 10

Fluctuates more than my Internet Connection...

I just watched this potential disaster of a movie (comercially at least) in Athens, Greece. My feelings are mixed as I can never slam a Michael Keaton movie.

Lets me elaborate on what you may not like first.

1) If you've read the synopsis on the IMDb site, you've basically seen three quarters of the film. And if you thought this would enhance character development, guess again. It doesn't happen...

2) Frasier, on most parts, reminded me of Hayden's attitude on Attack of the Clones (with a spice of the Three Stooges all rolled into one), a whinny stupid 5-year old.

3) The use of the 'F' word (and I don't mean 'Freedom'). I must have heard it about 150 times in less than 100 minutes (you figure out the ratio).

4) The whole film tries to be interesting by incorporating ideas that where successful elsewhere (flashbacks, conspiracy theories etc) but fails to maintain focus on any of those tricks. Alas, the fluctuation is present every 2 to 3 minutes. An overly-simplistic plot may be an excuse for the directors efforts, but not for the audiences' $$$...

5) There is too much evidence on what's going to take place at the end of the movie. It may not be entirely predictable, but if you take a closer look at what could really be going on, you'd see how this one ends, halfway through the movie.

True, this was never going to be a Miami Vice in terms of hype or action sequences but it does have some plus points...

1) Keaton is good. Not top notch mind you, but he delivered as expected. He portrayed his character in a believable fashion for most part of the film and proved once again that he can still be the difference between an average movie and a movie that sucked... Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the rest of the cast...

2) Bitter ending. It doesn't try to sell the extra ticket by miraculously turning things around (like 'Click' did so infuriatingly, in an otherwise excellent showing). In other words, the film does not really have any 'sci-fi' connections but gives you a dry, directly-from-life ending which is so often missed in Hollywood...

3) You may find yourself feeling for the lead (Keaton) a little: once his true character is revealed, you know he would somehow get the shorter end of the stick...

To sum it up: Go see it if you're a Keaton fan... Otherwise...

Reviewed by mj_882 6 / 10

It doesn't know what it wants to be

I had the privilege of watching this film a few minutes ago. Since my opinion is still fresh and wouldn't be influenced by anything else at this very moment (at least not dramatically), I thought I'd share my thoughts.

Yes, my summary is "It doesn't know what it wants to be", and that is it's main flaw. Director, Michael Caleo, was brave enough to incorporate numerous themes and genres into this confused work. What starts off to be your average two lead comedy, wanders off into the thriller territory, and attempts to simultaneously touch upon the Rom-Com genre. I say Caleo was brave, because he took a risk where the odds were against him. He attempted something that could have easily failed, he tried to defy the conventions of your average Comedy/Drama by reinforcing (forcing, even) innovation.

Was it a complete failure? I wouldn't say so. I've been rather generous with my '6' rating, but there were a few redeeming qualities about it. The most overt quality was mainly Michael Keaton's on screen presence. His charisma was present, as always, and quirky demeanour was reminiscent of his pre 90s career. As for the rest of the cast, Brendan Fraser and Amber Valletta were tolerable, but nothing amazing.

The twist that unravels as the conclusion was lowbrow and felt rushed. In fact, a lot of the dialogue felt rushed. There seemed to be a lot of reliance on foul language to encapsulate it's comedic elements that it attempted to implement.

I'd like to sum this up by saying that if you aren't a Michael Keaton or Brendan Fraser fan, you might find it hard to be engaged, because as a movie on it's own, it isn't very good. However, it isn't all bad, Caleo's attempt is worth having a look at. The Last Time is an unconventional Dramedy (sort of) that didn't quite achieve what it wanted to.

Reviewed by lavatch 9 / 10

Compelling Drama-Satire

This superb, multi-layered film includes romance, drama, and a wicked satire of human greed.

Michael Keaton is terrific as the superstar salesman Ted Riker, whose veneer is stripped away to uncover a soulful man whose true calling was in teaching, not in the cutthroat world of sales.

The film is built around a bizarre triangle with Keaton's character Ted, who is supervising a new salesman named Jamie, who just arrived from Ohio to join the large Bineview corporation in New York. Jamie's wife Belisa supports her husband, but only up to the point when he fails her both in his career and as a friend.

In a surprise turn, Belisa begins an affair with Ted, which blossoms into a profound bonding of soul mates. But is it? Appearances can be deceiving in this film, which includes a fascinating twist at the end that involves the powerplay of a business tycoon and a hostile takeover of Bineview.

There are a number of references to famous authors in the film. They include Isaiah Berlin, Arthur Rimbaud, and Oscar Wilde. Wilde's novel "The Portrait of Dorian Grey" is the main reference point about a narcissist who falls in love with his own portrait. But Dorian Grey is nothing at all like Ted Riker. The more significant allusion comes with the reference to Arthur Miller's Willy Loman towards the end of the film.

This carefully crafted and well-performed film offers a kaleidoscope of perspectives on the American Dream. By the end, Ted's takeaway from his New York experience may best be summed up in the wisdom of Joseph Campbell: "Follow your bliss."

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