The Last Shark

1981 [ITALIAN]


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Vic Morrow as Ron Hamer
James Franciscus as Peter Benton
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Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 3 / 10

Did they really think no one would notice the similarities?

Obvious mannequins are propelled skyward for some unexplained (and unintentionally funny) reason, as a shark, or in some scenes, a dolphin, terrorizes a small coastal community, just like in that other shark movie. Intro scene has seemingly never-ending windsurfing footage culminating with the shark causing the guy and his board to explode out and fly up out of the water! The bite marks in what's left of the board look more like razor slashes, at angles which could not have possibly been made by a shark, as we go back to the "bite radius" bit from Jaws. And remember when the head in the boat scared Hooper (and us, the audience) in Jaws? There is even a rip off of that here, as we find an arm bitten off by the shark. And, aww, innit that cute, they even tied a pink balloon around the shark to track it. Are you kidding me? Is that the low rent substitute of Quint's yellow barrels, pink ballons?

There actually is a little bit of tension toward the end of this one, in between bouts of unintended comedy, and some of the modelwork is amusing, The shark looks okay at a distance or at high angles, but when we're shown the shark at closer angles and for longer amounts of time, we realise just how inferior to Jaws it really is.

Ron succumbs to a fate similar to Quint's, in Peter Benchley's original novel, but the film is too derivative and slowly paced to amount to much more than a third-rate ripoff. Such a close ripoff, in fact, that Steven Spielberg and co. took legal action against the makers of this one, and had the movie effectively banned.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 4 / 10

L'ultimo squalo: Oh come on, it's not that bad

The Last Shark otherwise known as Great White was quite a controversial movie around the time of it's release.

Considered a Jaws (1975) ripoff and even released as a faux Jaws sequel in Japan (Complete with Jaws in the title) a lawsuit unsurprisingly hindered it.

Ranked in many worst movies ever made lists I expected something a lot worse than this. In fact truth be told it looks about on par with Jaws itself and almost managed to spawn a sequel.

Telling the story of a coastal resort that comes under attack from a great white shark during a wind surfing contest it's pretty generic stuff but not all that awful.

The effects are considerably better than I expected, the performances are okay and if it weren't for the fact it was so unoriginal it might be considered a passable film.

In a world awash with terrible shark movies, this isn't actually one of them.

The Good:

SFX are great for its time

The Bad:

No originality

Soundtrack keeps sounding like Dolly Parton is about to regale us with 9 to 5

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

The confederates were big wind surfing enthusiasts

By walk out of the hospital I'm pretty sure he meant that she'd hop

Helicopters can't land on water

Reviewed by Uriah43 3 / 10

Lacked Originality and Imagination

This movie begins with several teenagers enjoying a day at the beach with one particular person practicing for a wind surfing contest which is scheduled to begin in a couple of days. Fate has other plans however as a great white shark happens to be in the area and crushes the surfboard and devours the young man in the process. Later, after examining part of the surfboard a knowledgeable boat captain identifies the teeth marks found upon it and tells the leadership of the local town what is responsible. Unfortunately, the local mayor by the name of "William Wells" (Joshua Sinclair) has no plans for stopping the race because it would have an impact upon his political plans. So he devises a plan to keep the shark out of the area but what he doesn't count on is the incredible size and power of the creature which manages to get inside the cove in spite of it all. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that as a "Jaws clone" this movie totally lacked originality and imagination. As a matter of fact, if one were to fuse parts of "Jaws" with other parts of "Jaws 2" it would greatly resemble this particular film-minus the better acting and special effects. Naturally, there were a few slightly different scenarios here and there but for the most part it pretty much adhered to the same general themes presented previously. In any case, while there is only so much one can do with a story involving a large shark--other than having it devour those in the area-the similarities to the earlier films just mentioned were much too obvious to be easily ignored or dismissed and as a result I have to rate this movie accordingly. Below average.

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