The Last Run


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 4.7/10 10 1663 1.7K


Top cast

Amy Adams as Alexis
Paul Wesley as Seth
Angela Sarafyan as Lauren
Fred Savage as Steven Goodson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld 6 / 10

A funny movie that becomes quite dark

"The last run" stands for having sex with as many women as you can get to get over the woman you broke up with! At least that is what is explained and advised by Jack Manning, Steven's (Fred Savage) best friend! When you hear this when said you think this will be something like American Pie! Well,it isn't! It's much more mature and recognizable! The first 40 minutes are great! Fred Savage has to get over his break up and somehow he can't handle it because he really loved her! It is very funny to see this,because most of the dialog and scenes seemed very familiar! And every man has gone through the same phase as he did! At least I did! But then something happens that was over the top! He becomes obsessed and addicted to sex! This is something I can't relate to! Of course it hurts when you break up with someone! But after a while you bounce back and you will find somebody else! And if you have found another you will get over the previous relationship! Fred Savage's character seemed very down to earth and grounded! It is a bit far fetched to say that a person like that to become an sex addict! Too bad they took this direction otherwise this movie would be one hell of a comedy!

Reviewed by pepekwa 4 / 10

too black to be funny

this movie is billed in some places as a comedy-drama, well there weren't any funny scenes here at all and this is not a movie to take the girlfriend/wife to.

Wonder Years fans will see this to see what an adult fred savage looks like, well pretty washed up to appear in tripe like this, the movie is at least saved by "rescue me's" steven pasquale whose dominant alpha male role is the base for the film.

You don't know whether to feel sorry for steven/fred here and the director tries to tie things up at the end but makes a ham-fisted job of it.

Reviewed by intelearts 4 / 10

Unbalanced and Miswritten

This was one of the most confused films I have seen in a long time.

The Long Run starts looking and feeling like a romantic comedy - and for the first 15 minutes it is good - girl dumps boy, boy is convinced by friend to go on a "run" - a sexual quest to bed as many women as possible - but then from nowhere turns into a "ooh I'm so miserable" drama about sex addiction - it is horribly unbalanced piece of writing - and it is the script's fault. It is trying to be too much, and cannot pull off a very difficult and complicated arc of a storyline so instead opts for absurdity and the theatrical instead - and I don't mean that in a fun or funny way - there just are no laughs to be found here - or the luaghs are extremely cheap.

Strangely, all the performances are basically sound - but I didn't for one minute buy any of the premises put forward here,

So here's the problem: the script plots and turns seems to have develop as the story was written - it lacks a sense of clear direction - the redemption and resolution are disappointing, unrealistic, and frankly maudlin, and hugely depressing - but not even in a "well we all learnt something here" kind of way.

I could not really get to the heart of this - a moral tale? the broken heart? the 20s male? I felt no sympathy for either of the male leads - they are both moral vacuums - and seem unable to establish any meaning in their lives - and perhaps this is the point - the ennui of the sexual male cannot be met or matched so he has as many casual sexual relationships to fill the void - while I got it I found the style of the film highly bizarre and unsatisfactory - it looks, feels, and is shot like a light romantic comedy - but contains a lot of pretty nasty drama type situations. And in the middle a lot of absolutely gratuitous sex. Arguing that we need a film about sex addiciton needs as much as nudity as possible is justified - it just ain't right - and comes across as an attempt to titillate the viewer - strangely boring - the direction is sloppy.

Hugely disappointing and unsatisfactory - the arc of the main characters fall from from grace is implausible and unsatisfactory - and it is not tragic or fun, or even pathetic, it is bathos - an incongruous mix of high and low - and that is never a good thing.

Definitely not a date movie that's for sure.

A failure.

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