The Last Relic


Adventure / History / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by savitri 10 / 10

A great movie based on a not so great book

'Prince Gabriel or the Last Days of Pirita Convent' is a book Estonian children read in school. It is a classic, yet not a very good book in my opinion. Yet the movie based on it is superb. Everything about it is great: the story, the acting, the scenery (really, you should watch it simply because it's so beautiful), the dialogues etc. It is a movie that Estonians won't stop remembering or quoting. This is irrelevant, yet, in my opinion, it is sad that Ivo Schenkenberg is known as a 'bad guy' and villain, while in reality he was quite an interesting historical figure, called 'the Hannibal of Estonia', who fought in the Livonian war at the end of the 15th century. I say it again: the movie is wonderful and you won't regret it if you watch it.

Reviewed by proviant 8 / 10

Flawed classic

'The Last Relic' is one of the most beloved movie in Estonia. Wonderful characters, nice location shots, lighthearted adventure and clever humor. Again. Estonians love humor.

Director Grigori Kromanov's first intentions were to create serious historical philosophical movie exploring the mythos of free man, but he was force to take much adventurous-romantic view point. The witty dialogue and catchy songs (that has became classics their own) really carry the film. And the songs, did the authors intend it or not, have actually quite deep meanings, and add quite much to the director's wanted philosophical point. The film is also historically quite inaccurate - the character of Ivo Schenkenberg has gotten very free artistic interpretation in this film. He is real historical person, but was known as heroic fighter and leader of Estonian fighters against Russian army in Livonian War. Of course, Soviet regime didn't like depicting him as a heroic character in the film. That aside, Schenkenberg played by Peeter Jakobi is probably one of the most memorable characters in Estonian cinema.

The sword fight scenes look dame even compared to it's contemporaries. One part of that can be blamed the Soviet regime who had quite heavy regulations considering fighting and violence on the screen. At least we can get a glimpse of Ingrida Andrina's (Agnes) nipples, that somehow past the eyes of censor.

Reviewed by Voland-4 7 / 10

I am not from Estonia and I give it thumbs up

OK, OK. So being a Moscovite isn't exactly like being from Nebraska or anything, and I am familiar (and very much in love) with Soviet movies from that era where it was essentially mandatory to have at least two songs in a film, but... Damn good fun. It's an adventure, it's loaded with humor and a healthy dose of anti-Church sentiment - it was made under Soviet times, after all - and it's filmed in some really beautiful locations. Oh, did I mention that the female lead is really, really hot? From the first moment she appears on screen coddling a lamb to, the movie. She's hot. There are a few continuity goofs here and there (pay attention to the behavior of the iron gate in the convent towards the very end), but that's rendered irrelevant by the movie magic. This is the kind of movie I'd show my kids to encourage qualities of bravado, chivalry, independent spirit, and good old-fashioned manliness. Also, I'm not familiar with the historical context, but it's there, and it makes me want to find out more.

Recommended for anyone who likes old-time adventures, voluptuous blondes, freedom fighters, or just an all-around good time. Oh, also - if you're into black metal, this flick has a couple of choice scenes for you! Not quite Mosquito Coast but...

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