The Last Loner

2019 [POLISH]


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Reviewed by arcanecathedral 7 / 10

Response to Tomilipin's review:

In the film, there's an actress (I recommend getting your eyes checked, or simply paying closer attention to the film).

The sound is clear, and the dialogues are well audible (I suggest changing your speakers, or consulting a speech therapist).

The film features well-known comedians, and for the most part, they perform well - ironically, the weakest among them is Halama, and he still manages.

There are too many special effects in the film :D Point out one scene where digital effects were unnecessary.

When watching this film, it's important to remember that its budget was smaller than the production cost of other films. Giving it a one-star rating is a total misunderstanding and idiocy.

Reviewed by tomilipin 1 / 10

Waste of time

This film is made by literally a few people, some of whom have multiple roles: they are actors, producers, screenwriters, visual effects artists, you name it. It really shows that the budget they had was very limited, although they had plenty of sponsors, names of whom are all proudly presented in the very beginning.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I recognized Grzegorz Halama playing one the pivotal characters. For me, it's unimaginable to introduce an inferior standupper into a real movie. At least he has some stage experience, while all the others do not seem to even be any sort of actors. They act and look like they were dragged into the set directly from the streets. Horrible acting, horrible dialogues. The premise is quite promising but you get disillusioned pretty quickly. Very little is happening, as characters are constantly walking somewhere, there is a lot of drone footage and most dialogues are completely unrelated to the main plot.

Finally, the sound is, as always in the case of Polish films, crappy to the point that being a native speaker of the Polish language I wasn't able to understand some lines at all. Most dialogues sound like they were recorded in a wooden box, but some are so quiet that you literally cannot hear them. And it gets even worse - all the sound is shifted a bit, so you can experience the lack of lip synch throughout the whole movie. It drove me crazy.

What I liked best was the VFX (though too much of it in the film) and music - it really matched the scenes and reminded me of Two Steps From Hell.

What I found interesting is that there is not a single female character or actor here. All the characters are male, as is most of the production team. Watching the final credits I counted three women only, though there may be more. After a couple of minutes I fell asleep, relieved that my horror ended. Overall, an hour wasted.

Reviewed by / 10

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