The Last Kumite



Top cast

Cynthia Rothrock as Julie Jackson
Michel Qissi as Wolf
Matthias Hues as Ron Hall
Billy Blanks as Loren
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by IMDbKeepsDeletingMyReviews 2 / 10

Brave, but ultimately bad low-budget fan fiction

It might feel unfair to bash this kind of fan-made production that came from a warm place of admiration for the original BLOODSPORT. But in the end, it must take a stand in the ring and face the one it chose to compare itself to.

THE LAST KUMITE is, to be very honest, an embarrassment for everyone involved. A mindnumbingly amateurish script meets a spectacular failure in directing, acting, filming, choreographing and almost everything else.

It's amazing that they have so many legends involved in this film, but I wonder if that's really a good thing. Personally, I didn't need to see Cynthia Rothrock embarrass herself in something that doesn't even exist in the same reality as her incredible performances of yore. If anything, it made me very sad to see what might be her last axe kick on film in this piece of absolute junk.

Everyone delivers a wooden performance at best, to put it extremely mildly, and that goes for the action as well. I'm not sure how they did this, but nothing is good about this film, absolutely nothing. Not even Paul Hertzog's throwback score.

The camera work is incredibly inconsistent- from half-decent shots to influencer-level iPhone fidgetting. Sound design is atrocious, the sound mix is terrible. It's all a mess.

THE LAST KUMITE might give you some sick form of enjoyment if you love to see the world burn. For everyone else, it's a tremendous waste of time and an insult to the spirit it tries to emulate so desperately.

Reviewed by Gubbe 1 / 10


"The Last Kumite" is a major disappointment on multiple fronts. The directing by Ross W. Clarkson lacks any creativity or coherence, leaving scenes feeling disjointed and poorly paced. The editing is equally subpar, with jarring cuts that disrupt the flow of action and narrative. Sound design is another glaring issue, featuring inconsistent audio levels and poorly integrated sound effects that detract from the immersion. The casting choices are puzzling, as many of the actors, despite their martial arts credentials, deliver wooden and uninspired performances. The acting is universally poor, with stilted dialogue and a lack of emotional depth, making it difficult to connect with any of the characters. Overall, "The Last Kumite" fails to capture the spirit of classic martial arts films, offering instead a bland and hopefully forgettable experience.

Reviewed by prohumanoid-87576 7 / 10

I hope it's not the Last Kumite

A movie for fans from fans. Made with love for martial arts cinema. Very well executed martial arts scenes. The plot is trivial, but the characters are well-defined. The main character played well and was likeable. I was very impressed with his physical abilities. The supporting characters work very well. I was impressed by some of the players, especially the YouTuber VikingSamurai, who played one of the fighters. His skills and funny charisma made me eager to see him in more action films. Matthias Hues also deserves attention, he clearly had a great time playing in this film. It was nice to see the old guard of action cinema Billy Blanks, Cynthia Rothrock and Kurt McKinney supporting the main character, they looked great. Despite a few plot flaws and a small budget, the film is well made.

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