The Last Island


Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.9/10 10 190 190


Top cast

Ian Tracey as Jack
Paul Freeman as Sean
Patricia Hayes as Mrs. Godame
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paaskynen 8 / 10

Feminist Perspective

This is in certain ways a disturbing and potentially controversial film and I had expected to find more than one comment here. Stories about shipwrecked survivors on tropical islands tend to be presented either as romantic idylls (sea, sun and scantily clad young people, e.g. The Blue Lagoon) or as dystopics in which the island becomes a petri dish for the darkest aspects of the human psyche to seethe in (e.g. The Lord of the Flies). Sometimes man comes out on top as in the films Hell in the Pacific, or, more recently, Cast Away, that both deal with overcoming the odds and escaping the island prison, but all the actors in those films were men. Throw in a woman in the equation and everything changes.

The Last Island gives an unadulterated feminist take on the castaway motive in which the evil inherent in men gets the better of their desire to escape the island. This is a very interesting process to watch and not one you can remain neutral towards.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 / 10

Rough watch

Cult Epics has released several Marleen Gorris movies, including Broken Mirrors and A Question of Silence. This is the best of the three that I have watched.

The world has ended and seemingly the only survivors are those who escape from a plane crash: Sean (Paul Freeman), Frank (Mark Hembrow), military man Nick (Kenneth Colley), naturalist Pierre (Marc Berman), Jack (Ian Tracey), Joanna (Shelagh McLeod) and Mrs. Godame (Patricia Hayes). They figure that if they're the last one left, every man should impregnate Joanna, which doesn't seem like something she's interested in.

Produced by Alex Maas and shot by cinematographer Marc Felperlaa, who filmed his Amsterdamned, this gets dark as Nick tries to impose religion on the island. When faced with some of the men being gay or becoming gay as the days become months and years, something bad has to happen. But man, it gets really horrible for everyone. This is a bigger movie from Gorris but it's also really well done.

Reviewed by sinistre- 8 / 10

Very good film!

Very good film from Dutch director Marleen Gorris, known for her Academy Award winning film "Antonia" (best foreign film, 1995) A few people are stranded on an isolated island somewhere in the Pacific after their plane crashed. Somehow (you know when you see it) they all find out that they are the last people on earth. The people are a mix of cultural differences: a gay, a military religious fanatic, a French man, a quite sexually disturbed young man, an old woman, a dog, See it...and ONE woman. Only leaves one question: Who spends the semen, to make human kind last for another x years? In the film this question is the main theme, and, when one thinks of it, a very hard ordeal. Not only for the men, who are kindly willing to spend it, but especially for the woman. All in all, a film from a females viewpoint but with a lot of things for men AND women to think about. A MUST to see, in my humble opinion. You will be astound with what will happen to this few people. See it....It's worth while...

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