The Karate Kid


Action / Drama / Family / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 66% · 211 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67% · 250K ratings
IMDb Rating 6.2/10 10 206753 206.8K


Top cast

Jackie Chan as Mr. Han
Taraji P. Henson as Sherry Parker
Zhenwei Wang as Cheng
Jaden Smith as Dre Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thieniscool 7 / 10

Like it - or - Hate it

Before watching this movie, I read the reviews online and there has been a harsh division between 1 and 10 rating.

Honestly, this movie does not deserve a 1 or a 10, whether it is: Acting, Cinematography, Music, or Story.

Objectively, I think this movie is worth watching. Definitely not the worst, but not the best. Its content is interesting and is a visible step above the original Karate Kid, even though this movie does not feel like a remake (so stop comparing >0).

The movie entertained and left me with a satisfied reminiscence of the experience.

Reviewed by thewlisp-794-375547 5 / 10

Be mindful of the PR reviews, including on this site

I don't envy writer Christopher Murphey's task in this reinvention of the original 1984 underdog tale.

Firstly, the second time scribe is dealing with source material which was dull at best, but strangely transcended that to become an absolute cult classic for all children of the 80s. This was in part down to Joe Esposito's 'You're the best around' inspired soundtrack mixed with an innocent fighting spirit which beat much of societies ills to the black belted punch - questions such as why is this old man taking such special interest in the Ralph Macchio character? Will all these kids become obese when they invent video games?

Karate as I remember it involved the fairly peculiar kids at school wearing white terry towelling suits under normal anoraks while standing at bus stops rather too late at night. Clearly Hollywood remembers something far different as we find Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) high kicking high above the Chinese landscape atop the Great Walls highest turret with Jackie Chan's Mr Han watching attentively.

Yes, the reimagining takes the action to Beijing where Dre's somewhat distant widower Mother has relocated their family to teach English. Her small part is all too evident as a bit part, under considered and stilted to Smith's Dre and almost entirely inconsiderate and sometimes rude. While the Chinese backdrop plays up the traditions and values of karate (almost entirely referenced as Kung Fu, which I believe to be different) it is repeatedly demonised by Americanisms whether that be the basketball court hustle Dre encounters on his arrival or the bonkers set piece where Dre's mother walks through a slummy shopping Market carrying a Bloomingdales style bag - give the girl a Starbucks latte in a takeout cup.

Hollywood interpretations aside, Karate Kid struggles with an average performance from debut lead Smith whose dialogue and regards to his largely Chinese co-cast are on the same time time delay that his character complains of early in the movie. Chan of course is his brilliant sole- choreographed self but even after so much time, is sometimes barely understandable yet the subtitles ignore him completely. When he's riffing with Dre's Detroit Street, it makes the entire film impossible to follow were it not for a plot lifted directly from the original.

Sure, wax on, wax off is now pick up coat, hang up coat and the action labours toward the tournament fight at the end which disappointingly relies on CGI and wire stunts unlike the early training sequences and conflict fights that are sparky and original - one of the only elements of this film that is. Knowing the plot, you'd think the script would rattle through at a 90 minute pace but instead labours to 2 hours where the first plot point - arrival in China - comes little more than 8 minutes in, but we wait 40 minutes before Chan agrees to train his protégé and beyond an hour before the classic training montage begins, demanded by a genre which just doesn't appear to allow snake training temples and Chinese festivals in some of the movies dullest moments.

I can't see kids enjoying this now in a world where it would be Tekken over training any day and it's just not kitsch or fun enough for their parents wanting a throwback experience with the kids. The pluses are definitely Chan and some elements of the fight production; far outweighed by a non-existent soundtrack, average acting, drawn out and unnecessary plotting plus dialogue which barely works said in English and translates even worse when presented on screen in subtitles - an interesting consideration and challenge for screenwriters and filmmakers everywhere - but one in which Murphey fails.

Of course this isn't all his problem but I wouldn't expect a sequel to be optioned anytime soon and we can be thankful of that.

Reviewed by samsungcasey 7 / 10


For me this film is underrated and I think better than the original karate kid movies and yes I have seen them. It has comedy, drama, romance, but more importantly emotional connection to the main characters. You really do feel for them when hearing and seeing their stories. good film!

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