The Hospital



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 2.3/10 10 697 697

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dna-1138 1 / 10

Avoid at all costs!

Never have I seen such an obvious list of "reviewers" (ie actors, friends of the director, etc) giving such an awful pile of utter garbage so much undeserved praise. Do not believe the 10 star reviews, people, this film has nothing going in its favour - cheap and shoddy "actors" and sets, horrific dialogue,amateur it's absolute worst! Those of you with a masochistic/misogynistic streak in you may get off watching an endless stream of women getting tortured,knifed,raped and killed,but as a horror movie fan, I am ashamed of movies like this - there's no wit, context,explanation, just women (and women only) being horrifically murdered. Don't support this kind of film-making, please, as it gives the horror genre a terrible name.I didn't manage to sit through this pile of garbage to the end as I already felt as if my eyes were being punished - it's NOT hostel, not by a million miles. It's just cheap,nasty and cruel.

Reviewed by dagdave 1 / 10

they should be in hospital

no sorry who ever gave this film higher than 1 should be taken to there works HR for tests as this is possibly the worst film ever, OK its very low budget but come on, give it 10 minutes have a giggle then move on, The movie shows gratuitous rape scenes to try to attract an audience outside those just looking for a decent indie horror, since there seems to be little else the film has to offer any other type of audience. My recommendation would be to stay far away from this one. with a budget of $100k, someone should have used that money for acting classes. Horror fans, run far away from this movie. The nudity will be the only thing that draws people into even watching this movie. Don't waste your time on The Hospital 2013.

Reviewed by scott_dunning 1 / 10

What the hell did i just watch?

I've seen some weird movies and I've seen some bad movies, I've even seen some bad weird movies, but I've never seen a movie quite like this. I really don't want to rip in too hard because I don't know why or how this movie came to be made. My guess would be a group of film students decided to make a film using their own camera and editing equipment, with no budget whatsoever, and they got a bunch of friends with no acting ability to play the parts. If that's the case then good on them for giving it ago. If in fact this was a serious offering by a movie studio then I question their life direction and would suggest they should limit their industry involvement to ushering people to their seats at a cinema. The acting was some of the worst i have ever seen. The story was woeful. The special effects were, ummmm, ahhhh, well, I don't think I can adequately describe just how bad they were, you have to see it to believe it.

All in all this movie was terrible. There really is no other word for it.

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