The Hitchhiker


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

For The Asylum, it's not too bad but is still lacking in a number of areas

When I saw that The Hitchhiker was made by The Asylum, I immediately thought "Oh no, here we go again". But I watched it to give it a benefit of the doubt, and while for The Asylum it is not so bad The Hitchhiker is still lacking in a lot of areas. I'll give it some credit, Jeff Denton is quite good as the villain and it is not too cheap visually having some decent scenery and effects and the editing is not as choppy as feared. On the other hand, the dialogue is horrendously bad, the characters are undeveloped clichés and the story is painfully predictable and severely lacking in any kind of suspense. The rapes and gore are nowhere near harrowing enough, with too much of the former and not enough of the latter. The ending is far too jumpy and rushed and doesn't feel rounded off satisfactorily. Apart from Denton, the acting is poor, I didn't get any sense of terror from either of the women. So on the whole, lacking but a marginal improvement on the general standard of Asylum's movies. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Relaets 4 / 10

if you've got nothing better to do...

First, the current IMDb plot description seems to be misleading, the movie is about a group of girls who pick up a misogynistic hitchhiker, who plans to kill them all. They stop at a small motel, where he holds them hostage, but develops an intense attraction for one of the girls. Violence ensues.

I picked this up by mistake thinking it was the other 2007 movie "The Hitcher". Not that The Hitcher is any better, and I was looking for a crummy movie to watch anyway, but this was almost unbearable at times. I think I could have vomited on a piece of paper and come up with a better plot than this.

I can't even count how many movies I've seen with virtually the same storyline, so this was almost painfully predictable at times, but what really made it awful were a few scenes that ... well let me give an example. At one point a door is covered in (what is very obviously) blood, and two police officers, at the scene because of a 911 call, are looking at it from 30 feet away, see a man, also covered in blood, walk out of the door, agree that it looks suspicious, but decide to not investigate further.

But, however ridiculous it may be, the movie was never boring, was well produced, directed, and acted, complete with good special effects, gratuitous nudity, and violence. I probably would not recommend actually spending 90 minutes of your life sitting down to watch this movie, but it turned out to be perfect to have on while I cleaned my basement. Also highly recommended for fans of crummy movies, and would be a good movie to watch with friends when you plan on doing more talking than watching.

Reviewed by onosideboard 4 / 10

Just another crazy hitchhiker movie

This movie is watchable, but nothing special. Four girls on a road trip to Vegas foolishly decide to pick up a hitchhiker (because he is cute). They all end up staying the night at a motel in the middle of nowhere, and the hitchhiker's psychotic issues with women become apparent.

The characters are clichés--there is a married, responsible woman; a slutty party girl; an unsure bride-to-be; and a man-hater who just got dumped. The hitchhiker is genuinely nice until he goes crazy.

There's not nearly enough gore, and way too much rape. I enjoy slasher horror/thrillers a lot, and this one did nothing for me. The ending was just as lame as the rest of the movie.

On the positive side, the actors did a great job with that they had to work with. The dialogue isn't awful, and overall I was impressed with the cast, having never seen or heard of any of them before. And the plot wasn't out of the realm of possibility (although I really doubt any woman in this day and age would pick up a hitchhiker--no matter how attractive he is), so I wasn't groaning that things didn't make sense.

Overall, "The Hitchhiker" was well-acted and made sense, but wasn't very interesting. There are a lot of better movies in the same genre that I would recommend over this one ("Rest Stop," "The Devil's Rejects," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," even "The Hitcher" remake). Do yourself a favor and skip it unless you don't have any other options.

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