The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller / Western

IMDb Rating 3.5/10 10 333 333


Top cast

Sally Kirkland as Doctor Parker
Tom Sizemore as Roscoe
Dave Fennoy as Solomon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HorrorFilmHellion 1 / 10

Clunky failure and snoozer

It's actually hard to believe this is as bad as it is. The first distraction is the cheesy props and sets. For example it literally looks like the mine shaft is one of the backdoor passages in Splash Mountain.. incredibly fake, so right away it was off-putting. Then comes in the boring and drawn out script, elementary acting, clunky plot points and poor sound design. When the actors touch the mine shaft wall it sounds like styrofoam or hollow plastic. The final nail in this coffin was that the movie has zero tension or scares, and no graphic anything. I can't recommend this as there is just nothing to promote here.

Reviewed by fatfil-414-451797 1 / 10

Just Awful

I have written many reviews on IMDB, and think I have only given 1 star once, or possibly twice before. And I don't think I have ever given up on movie so early.

But I honestly cannot think of one redeeming quality to save this. The acting is painful and cringe worthy from the first second to the last, and from every cast member without exception. I actually felt awkward watching it was so bad.

The dialogue does nothing to help, it is so stilted and unnatural. After the first 20 minutes, I watched the rest at double speed, just in case things improved, slowing down every now and then just to check it was still awful. It was.

Reviewed by / 10

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