The Girl on a Bulldozer

2022 [KOREAN]

Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.3/10 10 563 563


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pomtioga 10 / 10

Girl On ?

Kim Hye Yoon delivers yet another nuanced and dazzling performance as the lead protagonist in The Girl on a Bulldozer. A slow burner which fully comes to life in the capable hands of Hye Yoon and a strong supporting cast. Frustrated naysayers may have been expecting an action film, this is not is so much more. The Girl on a Bulldozer is a fascinating character study regarding the choices that we make when life comes at us hard.

Reviewed by Luv2Spooge 5 / 10

Watched it for Kim Hye-yoon

If you're a fan of Kim Hye-yoon, you may not recognize her in this film. She went from a bubbly k-drama girl to a all-tat up street tough delinquent. Her performance was top notched and pulled off the character flawlessly.

However, the film itself was more or less average. It keeps you mildly entertained but the subject matter has all become too cliche. Much like Parasite, it is another look at the social issues plaguing South Korea as the wealth gap extends between the super wealthy and the common folks. It even dabbles into the evil politicians and their greed.

Though such messages are good constant reminders, but they prove very little to offer any solution or resolves. In the final end, one can probably guess how it will go with the film's title itself.

What I find lacking in comparison to Parasite is that it is completely devoid of comedic elements, which Koreans are known for. The film from the start was serious and through the whole time, again and again, the protagonist just took the abuse of the upper class without giving the audience that Michael Douglas' Falling Down satisfaction.

The mystery of the story is also quite convoluted with many unrelated elements and parts that made it a bit confusing. I think certain elements could be eliminated to make the overall story flow a lot better. When we reached the end, it is easily to see the final main plot line and then you can see what I mean about unnecessary elements that could've been eliminated.

Overall a good one time watch, but it really didn't incite an emotional response from me.


Reviewed by hasanzig 5 / 10

Everyone is annoying.

Bon Jin daughter is very smart in here, she is very talented. But her attitude is very annoying, and rude. But I allow it because I think I know why she behave like that.

But, everyone around her is more annoying. Her father is useless, okay maybe he raise her until she become a teenager, but he didn't care about family. They're on money crisis, but he still bet on horses. Even he also talk rude to his daughter.

When she ask a question kindly, and then they just ignore her, talk rude to her. Hospital worker are very rude and talk very loud in hospital. The victim's mom is a scammer too, and I think the hospital was scam too.

I also upset with the annoying aunt that angry to Bon Jin daughter, its all his father fault, why you angry at her? The bully that punch her is very coward. And I don't what he is, but the politician was the most bad human in this movie Arghhh

Why everyone is not realize that her family is so poor, no one care about it, they just want money.

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