The Gatling Gun


Action / Drama / Western

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Top cast

John Carradine as The Reverend Harper
Robert Fuller as Pvt. Sneed
Patrick Wayne as Jim Boland
BarBara Luna as Leona
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

A motley group of cavalry is pursued and surrounded by Apache Indians commanded by chief Two-knife

The more desperate his fight on the desert's scorching lands , the more adored he was in her arms ¡ Tough men, during hard times, battle for the ultimate weapon , as Indians , cavalry and renegade troops fight over Gatlin gun . Doctor Gatling invented a war machine to beat all arrows, and guns . While pursuing a traitor Pvt Sneed (Robert Fuller , one of the members in ¨The return of Magnificent Seven¨) the Lt. Malcolm (Guy Stockwell , Dean Stockwell's brother and starring in ¨It's alive¨ and ¨Tobruk¨) helped by Runner the Scout (Woody Strode starring in Black Sergeant and other John Ford films , furthermore in various S.W as ¨Keoma¨) along with his patrol find some people , as Luke Boland (Phil Harris) and his family, including his son Jim (Patrick Wayne , John Wayne son) and his gorgeous daughter Martha Boland (Judy Jordan ), who are holed up in a house. The Bolands join up with Malcolm's team . Rifle-toting Malcolm eventually puts the bridle on tight and struggles to win his soldiers respect while warding off violent Indians who besiege the group . One of Luke's friends, Tin Pot (Pat Buttram ) fiddles with the machine gun and after that , he devises a replacement for the firing pin . Malcolm along with a group of soldiers have to defend themselves surrounded by Indians until arrival reinforcements while using the Gatling machine gun . The angry Apaches led by Two-knife (Carlos Rivas usual in Indian roles as Chingachgook in ¨Deerslayer¨) are out on a rampage of killing , seeking vengeance against the white intruders, and with the aim for eliminate them and take the Gatlin machine gun

This is an average , conventional tale with action galore about a hard-bitten officer who goes to hell and back while assembling a detail of misfit cavalrymen to hold-off rampaging Indians and later on regaining the respect of his soldiers . Guy Stockwell and a top-notch secondary-star-cast as Robert Fuller , Barbara Luna , Patrick Wayne and John Carradine ; all of them shine lightly in this oater about a surrounded garrison . Director takes a regularly penned screenplay creating a cavalry-Indians tale that results to be ordinary , exploring the anguish of soldiers and including jarring burst of violence on its final when happens a massacre . It's the habitual theme about an unit stranded by enemies and their grueling efforts to break the siege, issue imitated many other times . This standard Western contains some nice moments though partially unsatisfying and disappointing for the reason of the low-budget and situations with no sense . Lousy cinematography in Techniscope by Jacques Marquette , Roger Corman's usual , it's urgent a fine remastering because the film copy is washed-out . Functional and atmospheric musical score by Paul Sawtell. The motion picture is middling directed by Robert Gordon . He's an expert on Western as Television series : ¨Bonanza¨, ¨Maverick¨, ¨Law of the Plainsmen¨, ¨The Texan¨, ¨Zane Grey¨ as cinema : ¨The rawhide trail¨, ¨Thunder and the pines¨, ¨Black eagle¨ and of course ¨The Gatlin Gun¨ or ¨King Gun¨, his last picture . Rating : 4,5 . Mediocre and forgettable movie .

Reviewed by Wuchakk 6 / 10

Desert survival Western

"The Gatling Gun" was originally titled "King Gun" and shot in 1969, but not released till 1971. It's a cavalry vs. Indians Western focusing on the eponymous weapon with a great cast of familiars -- Guy Stockwell, Robert Fuller, Phil Harris, Woody Strode, Patrick Wayne, John Carradine, Pat Buttram and BarBara Luna (from Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror") -- highlighted by curvy redhead Judy Jordan, to say the least.

Critics write it off as "routine" and akin to a TV Western. True, it is Grade 'B' and comic-booky, so proceed with caution. BUT the notable cast clicks and the story delivers the goods, as far as Western (melo)drama & action goes. It's essentially a survival tale of a small group of soldiers and civilians who team-up to survive a desert trek threatened by Two-Knife (Carlos Rivas) and his rogue tribe.

If you're a sucker for desert-survival tales (like me), such as "Sands of the Kalahari" (1965), "Flight of the Phoenix" (1965), "Escape from Zahrain" (1962) and "They Came to Cordura" (1959), you'll probably appreciate "The Gatling Gun," as long as you can forgive the TV budget (although it's not technically a TV movie and was dubiously released to theaters). It's not as good as the first three, but it's more entertaining than the last one. While "Cordura" is a more serious production with overall superior production values, it's also more hokey in a 50's Western sense.

The trek through the desert features a lot of drama but the movie ends with a bang as the group squares-off against Two-Knife and his braves. Stockwell stands out as the alpha male Army Lieutenant who naturally attracts the babe (Jordan), whereas Fuller is effective as Private Sneed, done-in by his own lust for lucre.

The film runs 1 hour, 27 minutes, and was shot at Eaves Movie Ranch and Ghost Ranch near Sante Fe, New Mexico.


Reviewed by frankfob 4 / 10

Thoroughly routine

Low-budget, by-the-numbers western, routine in every department: writing, direction, acting, you name it. The plot is nothing special: a ragtag detachment of soldiers must protect a new Gatling gun from falling into the hands of rampaging Indians. A somewhat decent cast gives this picture a bit more than just a passing interest, but not much more. Phil Harris looks out of place, John Carradine was at a point in his career where he took just about anything and everything that was offered to him--which explains why he's in this--Guy Stockwell looks tired, and the only even remotely energetic performance is given by veteran western actor and John Ford favorite Woody Strode. Listlessly directed and sloppily written, this cheap-looking film has a burst of action near the end that breaks the monotony, but not enough to make it worth sitting through. Skip it.

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