The Fist of the Condor

2023 [SPANISH]


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Marko Zaror as El Guerrero
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Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 6 / 10

strange film, strange review

This reviewer started watching the original Shaw Bros martial arts films in the 1970s, in our Chinatown, without subtitles. So, not my first rodeo. A younger viewer checking this feature out might instantly notice that it does not follow any typical arc or maintain the usual rhythm. And that would be incorrect. It is, in fact, true to the internal pacing of the original Kung Fu Tv series and even mentions that show in the script, as an homage. The larger question is, does it entertain? Answer: barely. If this is a favorite genre of yours, it contains enough interesting tropes to justify a look. Whether it justifies a sequel, on the other hand, is another question entirely. ((Designated "IMDb Top Reviewer." Please check out my list "167+ Nearly-Perfect Movies (with the occasional Anime or TV miniseries) you can/should see again and again (1932 to the present))

Reviewed by agof 5 / 10

a fine action with pretentious writing but has literally no ending

It's another Zaror / Espinoza martial arts action film. They've even invited Man Soo Yoon again. Though, it does not look that thematically consistent. And this film does have a theme. Or something. If this story is about a native south american martial art, why would they ned to invite an asian guy to look legit? Especially a hapkido practitioner, instead of something more popular. Or maybe i'm overthinking a low budget action film. But that's not my fault. This film consists of fighting and tryhard narration about philosophies and the way of a warrior. Even the cinematography is pretentious with its pointless chapters.

But also it has callbacks to the 70s king fu movies imported to usa. In the last stretch they even use psychedelic rock for the soundtrack.

The patches has inscription in hangul but the writing is upside down in several ways. Especially when they show it horizontally to the camera.

It was going fine. It's was a bit drab but the action scenes were enjoyable. There was even an intrigue with the twins, trying to understand who is who. But then there's literally no ending in any shape or form and i don't see The Fist of the Condor 2 being released. What the actual what.

Reviewed by reymunpadilla 1 / 10

Really Disappointing

A Latin American film about a martial arts book supposedly based on Inca secrets and stolen by Spaniards. With a premise like that, you'd have to work hard to mess it up.

And they do. The main character can't act. At all. Low monotone murmuring to pretend you're super serious isn't acting. Neither is refusing to change your facial expression, or even have one.

They try putting on a traditional Native headdress to make the guy seem Native. Doesn't work. He would fit right in over in Spain.

70 minutes long and only five of them have fighting. The fighting is dull. D U L L.

Instead we get training montages lifted from dozens of other films. I kept fast forwarding.

Skip this.

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