The Fish with the Eyes of Gold

1974 [SPANISH]

Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Obscure but rewarding

THE FISH WITH EYES OF GOLD (1974, original title El pez de los ojos de oro) is an obscure Spanish giallo that I managed to track down in an English-subtitled print on Youtube; it's pretty good quality too, which is unusual for many of these productions. It offers a sunny coastal backdrop for a series of brutal slayings in which a mysterious murderer is going around offing a seemingly unconnected string of people. Shades of Agatha Christie's EVIL UNDER THE SUN, with the addition of a blond-haired bloke caught up in the middle of the crimes as the main suspect. It's a lively little piece, not particularly graphic in terms of sex and violence as these films go, but with plenty of plot and mystery to drive it along. The sun-drenched locales give it a holiday feel and there's at least one exploding car stunt that definitely endangered the actors taking part in it, so there's plenty to enjoy. 6/10.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

Small town murder

You know you're in a giallo when you wake up next to the bloody body of the woman you just slept with and your first thought is, "I need to solve this."

That said, unlike so many giallo, the killer isn't revealed until the end. What is revealed is that he or she is obsessed with fish.

Derek (Wal Davis) is an Englishman new in town, enjoying his run at the Spanish ladies when said murderer starts killing everyone he asks to help him bring an al dente noodle to the spaghetti house, if you know what I'm getting at. This means that Derek ends up being the main suspect in a small town where he's the outsider.

Director Pedro L. Ramírez also made School of Death and writer Juan Gallardo Muñoz also was behind Sexy Cat. This isn't the kind of black gloved mystery that is going to knock your socks off, but it's also competently made and has some good mystery leading up to the fish-filled end.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 4 / 10

Spanish Gallo set in Costa Brava including lots of murders, chills, thrills and red herrings

Spanish Giallo in low budget packing suspense, tense, whodunit , thrills, plot twists and lots of blood carried out by a series killer undertaking a criminal spree . A ruthless murderer is spreading terror in a beach town from Costa Brava , Girona, by carrring out a criminal spree , seemingly unconnected string of people. As mysterious killings are happening , there are various suspicious people but there is a young playboy : Wal Davis as prime suspect . Meanwhile , a stubborn police inspector : Barta Barri is investigating the bloody crimes . It is diabolical! It is daring! It is stalking, it cuts, it rips!

A suspenseful thriller with Giallo elements , grisly killings , very brief nudism , twists and turns . B-entertainment with a fairly suspenseful and frightening story in which a serial murderer on the loose undertaking a criminal spree by means of slitting, deguello ,slashing and other grisly executions. Intrigue , tension , suspense appear threatening and lurking in every room , and creepy interior and exteriors as beaches . The tale about an ominous killer begins well and grows more and more until the twisted final including the ordinary confrontation in which we figure out the guilty . Stars a peculiar actor , Waldemar Wohlfahrt nicknamed Wal Davis , he plays a blonde playboy and main suspect in a series of mysteripus murders who a ruthless killer is spreading here and there . Wal was a former German private detective and actor who in the 1970s was accused of committing the crimes of the serial killer The Vampire of the Highway, whose innocence was proven, and ended up starring in a low-budget Spanish horror film of the same name. , The Vampire of the Freeway, with the stage name of Wal Davis. The also known as Autobahnmörder had started his adventures on August 16, 1964, when his first victim appeared. In 1966, on June 13, he appeared in Germany, on the Upper Rhine, the third victim of a serial killer that the German press had dubbed The Highway Vampire. Waldemar Wohlfahrt resided in Benidorm, where he was well known among the Teutonic colony. Waldemar called himself Tex, he was a wealthy young man of 1'95 in height, blond almost albino, with blue eyes, and led a playboy life. Waldemar started a legal campaign against the German and Spanish newspapers that had defamed him , as the German Der Spiegel and Spanish ABC . They had accused him of being a murderer, an arms dealer, a bad investor , and a white woman dealer . He's detained due to possession a gun , but Wohlfahrt turned out to be a private detective, so he had one. Therefore, Tex, as he called himself in the German Levant colony in Benidorm where he lived , was released on August 3, after paying a fine for the possession of firearms of 25,000 pesetas . If that was not enough, to get rid of the staff Waldemar painted a black bat on his Mercedes sports car, and began using the nickname El Vampiro. In addition, with great swagger, he recorded an album with Waldermar's stage name "El Vampiro", with the songs "Benidorm" on the "A" side and "Tú parts mi corazón". His stage name was Wal Davis, and he was introduced to the world of cinema by the hand of director José Luis Madrid, starring in the 1970 film El Vampiro de la Autopista, aka The Horrible Sexy Vampire, in which he paradoxically played the hero who he was facing a vampire. From there his career soared, although we do not know if it was up or down, with a succession of titles straddling the B series and erotic cinema and even two films for Jesus Franco : Maciste contre la reine des Amazones y Les gloutones (las glotonas), as well as a Spag western Los locos del oro negro, and others as Las protegidas, El socarrón, El pez de los ojos de oro, Vacaciones sangrientas y La hiena. Wal davis is accompanied by a cast who was usual in the Seventies acting in thrillers , horror and other sub-genres as Norma Kastel , Barta Barri , Víctor Israel, Ada Tauler , Gustavo Re , María Elena Arpón , Montserrat Prous and Richard Kendall who was producer as well.

The motion picture was regularly directed by Pedro L. Ramirez , including mediocre narration and a startling visual content , though being sometimes slow-moving. Ramirez was an expert on comedy , filming vehicles for the Spanish comic named Jose Luis Ozores such as ¨ El Gafe¨, ¨El Tigre Chamberi¨, ¨Los Ladrones Somos Gente Honrada¨, ¨Recluta con Niño¨ and directed two Chorizo Western for Alfonso Balcazar such as "Watch Out Gringo! Sabata Will Return" and "None of the Three Were Called Trinity" starred by Tito Garcia and Chris Huerta and a terror movie : ¨School of death¨ . Rating : 4/10 . Below average .

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