The First Slam Dunk


Animation / Comedy / Drama / Sport

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Jon Allen as Additional Voices
Aleks Le as Kaede Rukawa
Harrison Xu as Satoru Sasaoka
Jonah Scott as Hisashi Mitsui
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sprayeddog-44263 9 / 10

A love letter to the fans who've been waiting for 26 years

I gave this movie a 9/10 but to be honest, big part of the score goes to the original Slam Dunk manga, which is a legend, and big part of my youth growing up.

I seriously thought it was an April fool joke when I read 2 years ago Inoue-san announced he was going to make a movie version of slam dunk. And I've been looking forward to this then, and it did not disappoint.

The biggest headache for Inoue-san was probably how could he re-tell such a classic story, which the fans must have re-read hundreds or even thousands of times by now, without making the movie redundant and unnecessary. And he's made some really smart choices here. The smartest choice of all, imo, is to re-tell the Sannon battle from Miyagi's perspective, and adding a lot of backdrop stories.

And manga fans get to re-live the Shohoku - Sannon battle with new backdrop stories, and re-live all the monumental touching moments in the story. And for fans like me, the 2 hours in the theatre felt like re-watching my first love right in front of my eyes years later, feeling like it's just happening for the first time.

The movie is not without flaw. I think for people who have not watched the original manga, the movie will feel pretty choppy. The editing would feel awkward. Especially in the Mitsui story. That would feel so incomplete and even a lot of "WTH" moments. Or likewise when Sakuraki saw flashbacks from his past when he was injured. But maybe there isn't a flawless way to re-tell a 31 books manga (or even the Sannon battle is like 4-5 books?) in a 2 hours movie.

Which is not to say new audience cannot enjoy this movie, but this would simply be a good sports movie to those not being familiar with the original manga. For the fans though, this is an amazing movie.

I can only hope Inoue-san would come up with the Second slam dunk, the third slam dunk, the forth slam dunk .... but hopefully it won't take another 26 years.

Reviewed by marvin6z6z6z 9 / 10

first time watched

I haven't watch this series just heard of it title and i don't understand specific rules so much but i enjoy it.

I felt Little bit longer but technical motion draws and expressions, story writing , characters, touch scene and also comically scenes are so great. Even if you never watched this series or comic books or you are young or elder im sure you will enjoy this movie.

About main role his background story is sad little a bit and depressed. But understandable situations and feelings.

No contains sexual scenes or brutal violence or grotesque scenes no need to worries for couples or family watching.

Right now in japan movie theater give you bonus paper card of coaster.

Lm japanese so sorry about bad english. I hope more good reviews coming.

Reviewed by sydescape 9 / 10

The Human Side of Slam Dunk

Takehiko Inoue (TI) deliberately used 3D mo-cap animation in the Shohoku vs Sannoh match scenes and 2D animation in the non-match scenes. This makes the movement of the characters in their basketball game scenes very realistic. The selection of 2D animation with the use of desaturated colours is intended to be closer to the original source of Slam Dunk (SD) itself, which is the manga.

SD fans who started reading the manga since the late 90s may feel a strong sense of nostalgia when watching The First Slam Dunk (T1SD), at the same time satisfying their longing for it. The basketball match scenes stays true to its original manga source. Some parts had to be shortened in order to meet the broadcast time, causing the end of the match to feel a little forced and short. Many scenes, especially those comic relief moments, feel like they can only be understood by the manga readers and may not caught by first-time viewers.

TI named it The First Slam Dunk because this story is adapted for viewers who are getting to know SD for the first time. Therefore, it was quite interesting when Miyagi was chosen to be the main character of T1SD. In the manga, not much of Miyagi's back story is revealed. Unlike the other members of the Shohoku team, readers get to know the characters Sakuragi, Rukawa, Mitsui and Akagi better. Each of them is over 6' tall and has a great level of athleticism. The 5'5" tall Miyagi was always at a disadvantage compared to them.

Miyagi is dwarfed by the other Shohoku team members. His weapon is his speed. He is constantly at war with the guilt inside him of losing his beloved brother. Miyagi's life journey is filled with challenges. He was criticized from an early age for not being as good as his brother at basketball, bullied caused by the envy of his teammates and battled with inferiority complex due to his physical inadequacy compared to the rest of the team. In a sense, the main character of SD in the manga, Sakuragi, can be seen as a 'superhero' when compared to Miyagi. Sakuragi is a quick learner, runs fast and has incredible jumping power coupled with his height. When the Shohoku team played against the reigning champion, Sannoh, Sakuragi had actually only been playing basketball for 4 months.

This difference, coupled with the tragedy of Miyagi's back story makes this T1SD closer and deeper to the hearts of many SD fans who watch it. Either way, I think the average SD fan must now be in their 30s-40s, having gone through the challenges of adulthood and the bittersweetness of their respective lives. In this sense, Miyagi is more 'human' than Sakuragi and maybe this is why TI chose to make Miyagi the protagonist of T1SD.

Salute to TI. As a first-time director, I think T1SD's is excellent. I felt unsatisfied watching it just once.

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