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Brandon Potter as Bernard Hewson
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Reviewed by danajensen-32232 10 / 10

Classic Contemporary Mystery Horror

With nods to Carpenter, De Palma, Craven, and Lynch, Director Christie Vela and Writer Michael Federico give us a great old fashioned yet completely fresh take on a mystery horror story. Every character is fleshed out despite it being a large ensemble cast. The older adult cast members work extremely well with the young adult cast members. It feels like an ageless piece, one that everyone will love. This film keeps you guessing until literally the last second. And I will watch it again soon as this is a film loaded with subtle nuance. I'm sure I missed some things. I'm looking forward to my next viewing. Enjoy!

Reviewed by DebraIonaVogel 1 / 10

Horrible humorless "horror"

I can forgive a low budget and inexperienced actors, but this "movie" has no redeeming qualities at all.

It's not funny, not scary, not clever, not inside jokey (although I think they think they are right on mark). Its not subtle or over the top.

Unattractive people, not a decent face in the crowd, doing lame theater class cliches. Their outfits - thrift store budget with hobo taste. Your eyes will start to hurt after awhile...

I gave it one star for the detectives making a joke about the angry captain cliche.

I have about fifteen minutes to go, to learn who the killer is. Or I can fold laundry.... Tough choice.

Reviewed by SSRhodes 9 / 10

THE FINALE is a cheeky and wonderfully crafted horror tale

So, I have so many thoughts ... and all of them good! But first off, a disclaimer. I know a few of the people involved in this film, including the director and co-star, Christie Vela. After all, this project was entirely filmed in the Dallas area. It makes me very happy and proud to see so many of my fellow theatre community involved.

The script lovingly pokes fun at the horror genre, procedural crime television shows, and musical theatre. Caught a cheeky nod to "Twin Peaks" and guffawed out loud! The entire cast was well suited to this project, with outstanding performances by Christie Vela, Lydia McKay, and Aspen Taylor (in a small by perfectly executed role as a hotel manager). And loved seeing my friend Paul Taylor as a much put upon actor trying to make his way back into the limelight.

No spoilers ... but, okay the plot twist got me. Never saw it coming. Kudos to Michael Federico for a nicely constructed story.

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