The Devil's Wedding Night

1973 [ITALIAN]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 5.3/10 10 1041 1K


Top cast

Mark Damon as Franz Schiller / Karl Schiller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 5 / 10

Amusingly sleazy

The kind of movie one has to not think about, just sit back and enjoy the lush visuals, and abundant nudity. Great looking topless girls in this Euro shocker/ sex flick, about Dracula's oversized joke shop ring, with a red amulet almost as large as girl's hand, and the various people are hoping to possess it. Film is kind of like an old Hammer Horror, with a bit more graphic sex and nudity: beautiful lesbian vampire lures young girls to castle to frolic with them, then offers them as sacrifices to the devil.

Several sequences are devoted to prowling through the old castle, to show off the film's well done sets and eerie lighting and smoke effects. Several scenes are devoted to showing off the female cast members' ample tits. Both held my attention.

Good fight between Shiller and vampire ghoul, defeated by a stake driven through his heart and a fall out a window, but mostly just an excuse for atmospherics and nudity.

Reviewed by ferbs54 5 / 10

See It For Rosalba

There are roughly 18,262 days in a 50-year period. Thus, I would have to say that the odds of twin brothers Karl and Franz Schiller, in the 1978 Eurosleaze horror flick "The Devil's Wedding Night," arriving at the castle of Countess Dolingen de Vries in Transylvania on the one night in 50 years when village virgins are sacrificed is, well, 18,262 to 1. Still, the viewer can well imagine on which night they DO arrive: that's right, the Night of the Virgin Moon! In their quest for Wagner's legendary Ring of the Nibelungen, which gives its owner almost limitless powers, the brothers (well played, I suppose, by Mark Damon) run afoul of not only the beautiful vampiric countess, but her castleful of zombie retainers, as well. In the role of the countess we have the perfect 10 Eurobabe Rosalba Neri (here called Sara Bay, for some reason), an actress who I only recently became enamored of after admiring her performance as the doomed nymphomaniac in 1971's "Slaughter Hotel." Rosalba, though a talented thespian (and, in this film, lesbian) and much more than just a gorgeous face, nonetheless still looks incredible here, especially when streaked with blood and rising out of a steaming vat. She easily flaps away with the film. But there are still other, modest pleasures to be had here, in a film that ultimately comes off as sleazy shlock. Like another Italian film that I recently saw, 1960's "Mill of the Stone Women," "The Devil's Wedding Night" features a disorienting, drug-induced, psychedelic freakout sequence that comes roughly halfway in. Director Luigi Batzella and composer Vasili Kojucharov's contributions do create a film with some creepy atmosphere, and for all you hound dogs out there, the five virgins that are called to the castle, stripped and butchered are quite a toothsome lot. In all, certainly not a classic or even very good film, but still fun. Unfortunately, this DVD from Shout Factory showcases a very damaged-looking print that is only just barely watchable, and with no extras to speak of other than some snide comments from Elvira. Even this sleazy piece of Eurohorror deserves a better treatment!

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

A terrifically trashy piece of 70's Eurosleaze horror junk

A top-rate, exquisitely trashy and sexy Eurosleaze Gothic horror treat starring the gorgeously sleek'n'slender brunette hottie supreme Rosalba ("Slaughter Hotel") Neri as a wicked bisexual Translyvanian vampire countess who every year sacrifices five virgins in order to appease Satan and retain her immortality. Furthermore, the thoroughly luscious Ms. Neri regularly bathes in the pure maidens' blood to keep her youthful beauty. The eternally insipid Mark Damon offers twice the blandness as a studious, bookish dweeb and his more loose, fun-loving party hearty womanizing heel twin brother (guess which one falls under Neri's evil, yet irresistibly alluring spell and winds up being turned into a vampire while searching for a precious rare glowing magical red amulet that Neri possesses). Fortunately Damon's drabness is more than compensated for by the spooky, misty atmosphere (the sequence where a writhing nude Neri takes a bloodbath is truly striking and beautifully shot), a wonderful overabundance of gratuitous female nudity, a nice smattering of steamy soft-core sex, plentiful gory violence, some deliciously gaudy psychedelic visual flourishes (the occasional use of shaky hand-held camera and prowling panning shots likewise seriously smoke), a robust, rousing, sweeping orchestral score, a bang-up nihilistic surprise ending, and Neri's searingly hot and hypnotic screen presence. A scuzzy hoot.

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