The Devil Bat


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Bela Lugosi as Dr. Paul Carruthers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prichards12345 6 / 10

An aftershave that attracts bats, what will they think of next?

The Devil Bat is a watchable, utterly silly B movie with Bela Lugosi in fine form as Dr. Paul Carruthers, who must be the only guy in the world who can create new aftershave lotions, cold creams, and electrically enlarged bats! Our good Doctor, of course, feels cheated by the business partners he sold out to before the cold cream made them rich, so naturally he creates an aftershave that bats despise, causing them to attack anyone who's wearing it. A bit like Hai Karate, I suppose.

There's great fun to be had from Bela's parting shots to his would-be victims, "I don't think you'll ever use anything else" and "GOODBYE" in that sinister Hungarian cadence of his.

And yep, the film has the stereo-typical annoying reporter working on the case and an even more annoying sidekick who rigs up a fake bat photograph for his newspaper, a proto-Eddie Brock, Spider-Man fans? The film becomes very boring whenever Lugosi is off-screen but luckily he has a substantial role so there's plenty to keep you watching. He obviously plays the part tongue firmly in cheek but enjoys himself.

The central rooms of Carruthers' home were only filmed on a single set, redressed to fool the viewers. At one point Bela gets behind a window in the door to look into a lab during an experiment, and he looks into the same set he's standing in! It's quite well disguised, though, even if the wall bricks look painted! Its obviously a cheap production, but who cares? Worth watching for Bela alone. Now, where did I put my Brute Splash-on?

Reviewed by hte-trasme 5 / 10

Completely batty

I just watched The Devil Bat for the first time since I was a child. I remembered Bela Lugosi, the central plot device of murder by means of an aftershave that attracts killer bats, and the fact that everyone in the movie seems to listen to exactly the same radio station at exactly the same time. All those elements are still there, and though the last one only occurs once, it still seems like an amusingly silly way of conveying exposition. But much less prevalent than the cinema cliché of panning, zooming, and spinning newspapers, which appear here constantly. Perhaps that's more appropriate than normal, though, since two of our main characters are reporters.

The Devil Bat has been one of the more enduring of Lugosi's cheap "poverty row" horror/mystery roles, no doubt because it remains highly entertaining and watchable despite, or perhaps because of the fact that everything that happens in in the realm of high silliness with horror trappings. Lugosi is a scientist (which here apparently means both a physician and a perfume chemist) who cashed out early after making a perfume formula for a successful company, and now thinks the company's fortune should be his. So his solution is to murder the family who runs the company in a very convoluted fashion. The concept is, well, batty. And from an acting standpoint, you can't say Lugosi makes this character "believable." Nobody could make someone doing this believable. But is is very entertainingly creepy, which is exactly his job.

Because we know from the start what he is doing, this can't be a traditional mystery. But it's well-paced enough that we still follow the other characters as they inevitably move towards finding the solution we already know. And we don't blame them for not guessing such an unlikely scenario. Reporter Johnny is our hero. He's a little hard to take seriously as he spends most of the film wearing a tie with a huge question-mark pattern on it. Perhaps he is secretly The Doctor.

He gets fired after his photographer "One-Shot" fakes a news photo of the devil bat. But he rather unbelievably wants to keep working on the story despite no longer technically being a reporter since he as no one to report to. When they find out more about the case their boss rather shockingly wants to hire them back, despite the fact that at least one of them provably fabricated his earlier journalism.

But it's all part of the comic relief, which is still fun working alongside the unintentional comic non-relief. And though the film is clearly quite low-budgeted, its hows that more in its flimsy castle set (of course, all doctor-scientist-perfumers live in castles) than in its devil bats.

There's very little objectively "good" about this movie, but it's everything a fun B movie should be.

Reviewed by mmcclelland 6 / 10

Bela shows true acting skill!

All too often, in his career, Bela Lugosi was expected to carry a film all by himself with little or no help from other actors, the director, the script or special effects. The Devil Bat (1941) is such a movie. The sets are cheap, the script is hokey and the "devil bat" itself is laughably lame (a screeching bird-like creature -- as fake as they come) . And yet as he always does, Bela makes the movie entertaining. He plays one of his many mad scientists -- this one a (believe it or not) perfume maker who was monetarily wronged by his partners, now millionaires. These ungrateful boobs rub this in a little too much and so Lugosi creates a giant bat (as perfume makers are so good at doing) that will strike at anyone wearing a certain scent. Predictably the mad doctor ends up wearing his own scent and is killed by the devil bat -- but not before he gets his revenge on several of these boring unknown actors who deserve to die. As expected, Lugosi makes the character interesting, complex and even sympathetic -- and yet also fearsome as he tells each of his victims, "goodbye" after they try on his new fragrance. This movie has some of the most hackneyed character acting you have ever seen -- and yet Bela never stops giving it all he's got to make this movie a success -- which is more than the movie deserves!

Still, for the Bela Lugosi fan, this movie is pleasurable as you watch what one great and talented actor can do in one bad movie. One is left wondering how a Tom Cruise or Will Smith would fare in such a weak vehicle. But Bela -- ever the artist -- rises above it and gives a performance that can be enjoyed in spite of its trappings.

That's acting!

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