The Detonator


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7/10 10 4563 4.6K


Top cast

Wesley Snipes as Sonni Griffith
Silvia Colloca as Nadia Cominski
Matthew Leitch as Dimitru Ilinca
William Hope as Michael Shepard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 4 / 10

His Résumé is a Graveyard

After an undercover mission in Bucharest to disclose an international gang of weapon dealers, the agent Sonni Griffith (Wesley Snipes) is assigned to protect the Romanian Nadia Kaminski (Silvia Colloca), the widow of an accountant of the Romanian Mafia. However, the CIA safe house is broken in by the criminals, and Sonni realizes that the information was leaked from inside the Agency. Alone, trusting only in his friend Michael Shepard (William Hope), Sonni fights to survive and protect Nadia.

The career of Wesley Snipes is downhill. I have just seen this flick, and it is another disappointing movie of this actor, whose career is presently very similar to Steven Segal's one. The movie has many explosions, shots and car chase associated to an awful story and horrible acting. First, the Afro-American Wesley Snipes is chased by the police of Bucharest, but they never find a black American man. I have never been in Romania, but I believe there are not many Afro-Americans in this country. His character does not like to bath, wearing the same clothes along many days. There is no chemistry between Sonni and the sexy Silvia Colloca, but she freely has sex, falls in love for him and shares her fortune with him. The boy that performs Nadia's son is horrible. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "O Detonador" ("The Detonator")

Reviewed by s-cross 6 / 10

Not so bad, after all

I wasn't expecting much from The Detonator because both 7 Seconds and The Marksman were incredibly bad.

So i was surprised to see this is better. They cast better actors, there is a marginally better storyline and director, and overall it works. Some action sequences are entertaining, the stunts are quite brave in Romania. They don't seem to be scared to get hurt.

Snipes in fun to watch and is well supported by his leading lady, Silvia Colloca. She does a good job in portraying the sexy and mysterious Nadia and you get to care for her even if she plays tough. I liked the final sequence between Snipes, Colloca and the bad Romanian guy quite a bit.

6 out of 10. Could have been better, but it looks like the budget of 15,000.000 USD went into Snipes account as instead of in the film...

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Wesley snipes vehicle in a standard actioner with action packed and violence

The CIA secret agent Sonni Griffith(Wesley Snipes) travels to Romania for investigating a gunrunners and avoid the selling a nuclear weapon.Meanwhile he's killing Romanian gangster at a national soccer event,he's interrogating,gunning down people and burning suspects.Griffith is arrested at the Romanian semifinal cup match.Then is jailed but is freed by his friend ,the CIA agent Michael Shepard(William Hope).He's assigned a new mission ,scorting the Romanian named Nadia(Silvia Colocca).But he aware that Nadia is pursued by Josef Bostanescu(Tim Duttom),a megalomaniac nasty,he owns the stadium and soccer team and is preparing the biggest deal he've ever made.He tries to get from Nadia the information he needs: the location where are the thirty millions of dollars that she hid of her murdered ex-husband and accountant of Bostenescu and he wishes for buying the atomic bomb.When an information into CIA is leaked,allegedly from his chief(Michael Brandon)and reveals where are placed ,they must fight to survive against the gunrunners and save themselves.

The movie displays suspense,thriller, unstopped action and lots of violence when the killing happen.It's an average actioner movie with some entertaining moments but also with no sense scenes.Wesley is nice as action hero ,his early performances were as serious actor in dramas ,later turning as tough action man in films with big budget like¨Money train,Murder at 1600,US Marshall and Blade trilogy¨,although nowadays he solely movies with middling and low budget like as ¨Unstoppable,7 seconds,Chaos,The marksman¨.The movie is produced by Andrew Stevens Entertainment Inc.Andrew Stevens(son of Stella Stevens) was a famous actor of the 80s,today turned in successful producer,besides is produced by the starring Snipes and by Pierre Spengler,he's a veteran producer of known movies like the saga Superman-Reeve and the classic Three Musqueteers. The motion picture is shot in Castel studios of Romania where have been film the last vehicles of Steven Seagal and Van Damme.

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