The Dark House

2009 [POLISH]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.4/10 10 5117 5.1K

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdb-19548 8 / 10

Dark and grim and intelligent.

This is very grim, we see lives of poverty and desperation and brutality.

There acting is good, everyone delivers from Srodon as a likable coward to the bullying police officers.

The pace is quite slow, there is a lot of build up since both plot threads are worked out in parallel and we have to wait until both are ready before the pace can increase, this made it hard to watch in the beginning but it's worth persisting.

Both threads are dark and have a few twists.

There is a bit of humour, some drunken humour in the past thread and some more gallows humour in the current time thread.

The ending is very dark and surprising, and has a couple of extra twists.

Reviewed by julekmeister 8 / 10

Great movie

I've decided to write this short review when I saw the previous one.

What you need to understand before watching this movie is that it's about difficult and dark times in Polish history - before the Soviet Union collapse, when Poland was under it's heel.

It's not meant to be funny despite some other reviewers. This is a movie about good people making difficult choices, about people without hope and about people trying to make most of bad situation. It shows how ruthless and corrupt the government was and how one couldn't win with it if he tried.

It's not a movie for everyone. Even the younger generations of Polish might have a problem understanding this film as they can't relate to the passed times. But what is shown here was the reality in many countries of former Eastern Block and is true in many others even now.

Reviewed by Greywolf907 8 / 10

Polish cinema at it's best.

This is an astounding film, bleak, grim, more than gritty and for those of us who were not brought up in an Eastern Bloc country a remarkable insight into the machinations of small town corruption Polish style.

Films like this should be seen by a wider audience, it was a captivating experience to sit and view the inner workings of this elaborate (sometimes overly) story.

There was just too much 'going on' in the story and some of it could have been left on the cutting room floor to give a tighter film, but that is a small critique of what is a disturbing look back at communism at 'street level'

If you like your cinema real...don't miss the opportunity to see this slice of Polish communistic vodka sodden culture.

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