The Cuckoo's Curse

2023 [SPANISH]

Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 665 665


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by olcayozfirat 7 / 10

A good Spanish thriller and horror movie

It is a horror movie that I have watched and liked recently, which has increased tension and is watched with curiosity even if similar topics have been covered before.

Spanish cinema had slowed down in its extremely successful horror and thriller genres for a while. I hope this movie will be produced again and again.

In the movie, which was produced in 2023, there is a house change situation that we are unfamiliar with. A young couple and an old couple are trying to add color to their lives by changing their house. But the lives of couples are shaken.

While watching it, many annoying situations occur. I never liked the female of the young couple. That's why I can't see the woman as innocent. The man was very sympathetic at first.

There is a lot of nudity and sexuality in the movie.

Reviewed by The_eyes_of_Anna 8 / 10

Enjoyable thriller that is well acted and paced.

An enjoyable Spanish/German thriller about a couple Marc and Anna who agree a house swap with another couple Olga and Hans who unbeknownst to them want their bodies too ( baby included) El cuco I take it referring to the bird that lays its eggs in other birds nests, removing their egg and laying one of her own in its place whilst the host is unaware.

Anna is pregnant and a doctor, Marc seems rather childish though good natured. Anna especially seems stressed and in need of a break.

When Anna and Marc arrive at the new house ( to them) the atmosphere becomes menacing and unpleasant after a time, most of which effects Marc at this point.

They also meet the daughter of Olga and Hans.

Back at Marc and Anna's house , the way treat the home shows they are not the loveable folks Ana and Marc think they are.

What follows is a very Rosemary's Baby type movie , fantastical for sure, that whilst derivative still draws you in ( mainly thanks to the fine acting) This includes the couples swapping bodies amongst all the blood and eerie chanting type stuff you might expect.

I did care what happens to Anna and her baby ( strangely even more when she swapped bodies) and for that matter her Pomeranian dog Tesla.

If you enjoy the thriller/ horror genre give this a look.

Cast Anna-Belén Cuesta Marc-Jorge Suquet Olga -Hildegard Schroedter Hans -Rainer Reiners.

Reviewed by / 10

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