The Courier

2024 [SPANISH]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 1771 1.8K

Top cast

María Pedraza as Leticia
José Manuel Poga as José Luis Ocaña
Luis Zahera as Comisario Roig
Arón Piper as Iván
1.71 GB
Spanish 5.1
24 fps
1 hr 42 min
Seeds 100+

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Guanche48 4 / 10


Lets start by saying that the plot seemed very standard and cliché to me, with little innovation. There is no doubt that men will like it more, but it is not my cup of tea.

It's a trip to the real corruption in Spain, just at the beginning of the euro currency, and still with the pesetas in mind. Sadly this type of corruption has not changed much and is still going strong in Spain, that's why the part I liked the most about the movie is the final one, with the real images of the corrupt that in the end WE all ended up paying for. That's why the story has a cynical humor.

Even if the character is fictional the story is very real, but I think the film tries to cover too much, and gets cliché and cheesy. Also predictable.

Not my cupper like I said.

Reviewed by ckoushappas 8 / 10

A beautiful movie

How do you define a beautiful movie? Perhaps a movie which builds up suspense up to the last minute. A movie which you start and finish on the same day ! A movie which you may suggest to your friends to watch it.

The director and the rest of the cast did a perfect job in blending the story of the movie with a real event....the financial crisis which dissolved the economies of several European countries. The corrupted Spaniards in the movie have no difference with the corrupted Cypriots. (Its unbelievable how the movie resembles the financial crisis of Cyprus and the way the corrupted criminals were acting).

Brussels, Switzerland, and Spain is where the story takes place.

The story has several twists and even though the end seems predictable it does not limit the suspence. The leading character is a very promising actor. The rest of the actors also do their job in an excellent way.

Nice cinematography and the appropriate music add to the overall positive result. Even though the movie is labeled as thriller I would call it as action + (financial) crime.

So for a pleasant viewing at home I give it an 8 and I suggest that you watch it.

Reviewed by / 10

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