The Competition


Drama / Music / Romance

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Lee Remick as Greta Vandemann
Richard Dreyfuss as Paul Dietrich
Amy Irving as Heidi Joan Schoonover
Sam Wanamaker as Andrew Erskine
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Reviewed by atlasmb 8 / 10

Dreyfuss And Irving Are Strong In Their Roles

The stars of this film spent months learning how to play piano and mimic the finger movements of piano prodigies. That is one reason it feels authentic. Its two stars, Richard Dreyfuss and Amy Irving, do a good job of balancing the drama of a prestigious piano competition with the joys of young love.

Lee Remick is wonderful as the protective mentor of Irving. And Sam Wanamaker is convincing as the Bernstein-like conductor who oversees the competition and rules his own little musical kingdom.

The story has to do with whether or not the two young pianists can compete in the cut-throat world of career-making competitions and still maintain a relationship. The script never becomes too mawkish. And the musical excerpts are a bonus.

Reviewed by willrams 8 / 10

For Great Music Lovers

I must admit this was a great musical thrill as well as a pretty good love story between the competition, a very skinny Richard Dreyfuss and Amy Irving, who were trained competently for difficult hand movements while classical pianists did a good job. In the story she was trained for perfection by her teacher, Lee Remick. Such a wonderful actress she was!! What a pleasure it was to see her again, as well as listen to such fine classical music. Amy wins the prize for playing a very difficult piece of Prokiev; and, alas, a warm love story between the competitors. I highly recommend this to all classical music lovers; even though I don't know that much about them. I loved it, give it 8/10

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

Glorious music as pianists vie for first prize in a competition

Amy Irving, Richard Dreyfuss, Lee Remick, and Sam Wanamaker star in "The Competition," a 1980 film, written and directed by Joel Oliansky. The story concerns pianists gathering for the semifinals of a competition in San Francisco. Paul Dietrich (Dreyfuss) has one last shot at a career as a pianist, given his age, and the fact that his parents have been supporting him, and his dad is in bad shape. Heidi (Irving) knew Paul from a summer program. She studies with a top teacher, Greta Vandeman (Remick) and is there basically to see how far she can go. Despite Paul's attempts to put off the smitten Heidi, he finally admits his feelings, and the two fall in love. Greta isn't happy - she's afraid Heidi is going to lose her competitive edge and take a back seat so that Paul can win.

This very good movie is just about overshadowed by the brilliant music and the magnificent fingerings and look of the actors as they're playing. They obviously had the benefit of great coaching.

The film gives a realistic look at the tension of competitions, and the various states of mind that people have going into them. For Paul, it's his last shot; the Joseph Cali character wants to use it as a steppingstone to Vegas and a Liberace-type act; Heidi has nothing to lose. There is a lot of psychoanalysis throughout the film, which some may find off-putting. It does go on.

Amy Irving is an excellent actress, and she does a beautiful job here. Dreyfuss is also excellent, coming off as desperate, arrogant, and sad. Lee Remick is the ultimate piano teacher who knows too well the pitfalls of being a woman, particularly a woman in love.

If you like classical piano, don't miss "The Competition."

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