The Chambermaid Lynn

2014 [GERMAN]


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Vicky Krieps as Lynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by t-dooley-69-386916 7 / 10

Intriguing German film of BDSM and the lure of voyeurism

Lynn has 'issues' she is being treated for her condition and has a job as a maid at a nice hotel. She is a very hard worker and is obsessive compulsive. Cleaning is her ideal job and she excels at it. She hos has desires, which leads her to doing things that she may not have done with enough time to think.

She also is a voyeur; in that she hides in the guests' rooms to observe what they get up to, and I do not mean which channels they want to watch on the television either. Then one day she experiences an encounter between a dominatrix and her client and she is inexorably drawn to the exotic and alluring creature – and so begins her journey.

Now this is a film that will appeal to as many as it repels in that it is about sexual unorthodoxy but is not a sex film per se. It is a very good and even intimate exploration of lust and desire and the fetishistic side of human nature. It is well made and acted and has those moments where very little appears to be happening but that helps juxtapose the mundanity of the ordinary as it segues into the extraordinary in other peoples ordinariness. In German with good sub titles this is for you if you enjoy films that area bit left field and as such recommended.

Reviewed by larrys3 4 / 10

Rather Bizarre & Fetishistic German Film

This is a difficult film to describe, no less rate. I'll note up front for those viewers that have concerns on these matters, there's plenty of nudity here, as well as a number of explicit sex scenes, some of which involve S&M and voyeurism.

Vicky Krieps gives a solid performance here, as Lynn, a strange and depressive young woman working as a chambermaid at a local hotel. She's been in a mental health facility in the past, remains in therapy, and clearly has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Aside from having sex with her boss (Steffen Munster) at the hotel, her real thrills come from hiding under the beds of some guests and spying on their activities. One day, she overhears a conversation, in the hotel lobby, between a call girl and a man who are about to rent a room, and finds out the room number. She races upstairs ahead of them and hides under the bed.

The call girl, Chiara, ably portrayed by Lena Lauzemis, turns out to specialize as a dominatrix, and Lynn is turned on by the session, and copies down Chiara's phone number. Lynn ends up calling her and scheduling a house call with Chiara and sets up a meeting.

What will develop between the two though will be a bonding and eventually even a friendship (OK-so it's not on the scale of "Pretty Woman"). However, we will see Lynn slowly coming out of her "shell" to some extent, even trying to get closer to her emotionally distant mother.

This movie, written and directed by Ingo Haeb, is definitely geared to a thin slice of filmgoers. If you are not turned off by the graphic sexual and fetishistic elements, you may find some of the other elements here of creepiness, eroticism, and even some dark humor to be to your liking, but be prepared for a very strange ride.

Reviewed by derek-duerden 7 / 10

Warm Central Performance

Vicky Krieps brings a nice charm to this role, adeptly displaying her initial social awkwardness and subsequent growing confidence.

Not entirely plausible in its handling of her surreptitious activities, it nevertheless unfolds the story well using these scenes to illustrate her development and ultimate building of a real relationship (of sorts).

Nicely done.

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