The Broken


Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 11337 11.3K


Top cast

Lena Headey as Gina McVey
Richard Jenkins as John McVey
Michelle Duncan as Kate Coleman
Andrew Havill as Dr. Myers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bob_meg 5 / 10

Beautifully made but still irritatingly obtuse

The Broken feels literally like half of a movie, and the fact that it is so well shot and executed makes that all the more painful.

The film follows Gina (the always interesting Lena Heady) a radiologist in a Paris hospital who seems to lead a somewhat normal, if emotionally detached existence. After attending her father's (Richard Jenkins, how's that for impressive casting?) birthday party with her lachrymose boyfriend Stefan (where a mirror inexplicably breaks) she spots what looks to be a doppelganger of herself on the street, follows her, then gets into an accident herself shortly thereafter.

As many have pointed out, it would be expected for the movie to start to develop a specific plot, even though at this juncture one might argue its options are limited and not very original --- it can either go the "Jacob's Ladder" way or it can go the "Body Snatchers" way.

Actually, The Broken goes NEITHER way, offering only bits and pieces of hints from which to construct mostly pointless theories. It's got some truly creepy moments and an overall very oppressive threatening mood, but it doesn't move itself along at a pace that garners much emotional involvement from the audience.

This is partially due to the fact that Gina doesn't even disclose her fears and doubts until 2/3rds of the film has passed. This also makes it difficult if not impossible for emotional engagement from the audience.

And this is what brings me have to start talking about how a film should be engaging me at the level of a subject in a test marketing screening. I said earlier that it "appeared" Gina's character was emotionally detached....but I never got a clear reading on that or ANYTHING pertinent to her character's motivations, fears, loves, etc.

This is a technically very well-made film. It's use of eerie imagery and set design reminded me at times of some of the best of Alan Parker and Adrian Lyne's films. I just wish it had engaged me and taken me somewhere I hadn't expected. It didn't.

Reviewed by Playbahnosh 4 / 10

Well, it IS Broken alright...

I read about this movie in a magazine and I was intrigued. A woman, who one day sees herself drive past in her own car. Well, I thought, this could be interesting...

...but it isn't. First, the title. The Broken? The Broken...what? What is broken? The...oh, wait...I get it, the title itself is "broken"! WOW, clever! Unfortunately, this is virtually the only thing going for it.

The premise is not that bad, but I think Kiefer Suderland did much better in 'Mirrors'. A cross between Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Mirrors, and a rather mediocre one at that. A more suited title would be 'The Boring', since it draws out every single scene for bloody ages. Or maybe 'The Confusing' since it doesn't explain anything at all, not in the narrative nor in the story itself, only some vague idea about evil copies and somesuch, dotted with cheap scares and scenes used to death, but nothing tangible. It's just messed up.

On the other hand, the acting and the special effects are quite good, but then again, it's not a difficult role to act.

After watching the movie twice, I still feel unsatisfied, a little confused maybe, and not in the E. A. Poe or Stephen King kind of way. Do yourself a favor, and don't watch this one. Simply put, there are better thrillers out there.

Reviewed by jaymart-2 4 / 10

woman working at hospital makes her way home and sees herself drive past.

I liked the initial premise to this film which is what led me to hunt it out but the problem I quickly found is that one pretty much knows what's going to happen within the first 20-30 minutes ( the doubles will come from behind the mirror and take over everybody).

There is no real twist (which is fine) , but the final reveal doesn't make a great deal of sense either (how can she be racked with uncertainty and fear for the whole film, if she's an evil id from beyond the mirror?).

Admittedly the scenes 'beyond the mirror' were chilling when they first appeared and the blonde's murder is also effectively creepy, but ultimately alas this seems to be a film in search of a story or a more engaging script, piling atmosphere upon atmosphere and over the top scary sound design for 80-90 minutes does not really cut it, in fact it gets quite dull.

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