The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue


Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 1843 1.8K

Top cast

Brian Doyle-Murray as Wittgenstein
Alfre Woodard as Maisie
Andrew Daly as Murgetroid
Jessica Tuck as Chris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anthony-sorendino 5 / 10

Not great

Somehow my childhood missed this movie entirely. I've seen the first and the last and have fond memories of both. The first certainly still holds up.

This movie had a lot of promise. The entire movie is set in two locations, Rob's dorm and Rob's lab, both of which are very boring. And the plot is as limiting as its locations. The charm of the first movie was in its adventure and journey. There's no sense of adventure or even danger in this movie. The appliances never have anything to overcome. We're supposed to be emotionally invested in a group of animals that we just met. There are too many characters to be invested in and it all falls flat. I felt more stressed about Rob's lost thesis than any other conflict in the movie.

A setting of a college campus would have been very fun to explore for the appliances. Choosing a veterinary school was an odd choice and the limited setting kills any adventure of the film.

Reviewed by Pam J 3 / 10

I'd prefer to eat burnt toast...

...than watch this movie again. My kids and I love the first toaster movie, and we were all excited when we sat down tonight to see what the next adventure would be. What a disappointment. With two young kids, I have seen a lot of cartoons and can tolerate almost anything: from Barney to Teletubbies to Oobi. I thought this movie was just awful. A very sketchy storyline with little depth, a plot that my kids could not even begin to follow... who writes kids' stories about animal testing, blackmailed assistants, lovers' spats, the inner workings of the worldwide web, computer viruses, and writing a college thesis? Ick! Many cartoons have child-oriented plots with adult humor. This one had a plot too convoluted for young kids but too lame for anyone old enough to follow it, with little or no humor whatsoever. I could hardly force myself to sit through it. Stick with the original and forget that they even made more.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Lacking the original's charm, but not that bad compared to other animated sequels I've seen

I love The Brave Little Toaster, it is funny with a great atmosphere and a likable story and characters. Neither of the two sequels are bad as such, but both are lacking in the first's charm, but both are watchable compared to other animated sequels I have the misfortune of seeing(ie. The Secret of NIMH 2:Timmy to the Rescue).

I do think The Brave Little Toaster is too short, consequently the story is rather predictable and rushed and lacks the haunting and eerie yet charming. The new characters are a mixed bag, Mack is interesting in a way as is Wittgenstein, but Ratso starts off a little bland and superfluous. The songs aren't as memorable, and while Radio has his moments he is not as funny or as sweet.

That said, the animation is good enough, the colours are quite nice and the characters are drawn well. The characters are still very likable, I liked some of the suspense and while not as funny or as poignant here the writing did at least make me laugh and cry. Another plus is the voice acting, which is really very good.

In conclusion, a watchable sequel but lacking. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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