The Battle for The Battle of Britain



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by binkiepaul 10 / 10

Director of TV film

As the director of "The Battle for the Battle of Britain" I was pleased to read the mainly favorable review. It was the beginning of my career and holds many happy memories for me. The review mentions how so many of the German "advisers" were still only middle aged. Being very young myself I didn't truly appreciate how close I was to a still recent history. It was 1968 not 1972 as mentioned. I do have one vivid memory of being in a darkened lounge of a huge Seville hotel where some very old German Luftwaffe pilots were watching a film of their propaganda of the bombing of British airfields and calling out the airfields names in joy as they were bombed! Where can I buy a copy? There was an edition which I did a commentary for some years back and was included with the feature but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for any help. Paul Annett.

Reviewed by elo-equipamentos 8 / 10

Exposing behind the scenes on accuracy events upon two reliable historical advisors!!!

Hosted by Michael Caine introducing many spots areas at London heavy bombed by Nazi Germany's Luftwaffe air-force, also many airfields of R. A. F. Where had the newbies crew pilots around twenty or less, often alarmed by dozen times to fight against a heavy squadron of bombardiers on non-stopping day-night raids at London, also as Guy Hamilton surround by some reliable historical advisers from both sides to offer a trustfully version.

The main problem were they using just few Spitfires available, renting others from foreigner aircraft's collectors, recovering some in bad shape, the remaining were just a models, they choose Spain for a specific reasons, the Spain Air-Force had several old aircrafts bought from Germany as the large Bombardier Stuka and the jets Heinkel to make mostly areal shootings, due the rough weather is took too long six months blowing up the prearranged budge, they had to move on France to finish those key scenes and ends up at British fields aiming for some shots to closing on accuracy landscape.

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 2024 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.5.

Reviewed by rmax304823 6 / 10

Oft-Told Tale.

It's a promotional film sketching in the making of the feature film "The Battle of Britain," the kind of hour-long video you're likely to find under "Special Features" on the "Collector's Edition" of the film. In some ways it's as interesting as the feature film itself.

For one thing, there are brief interviews with survivors from both sides, British and German, and they're only in middle or late-middle age! Now, as I write this, from the perspective of 2015, the interviewees in 1972 look youthful. It's a bit eerie to realize that that entire generation is almost gone. O, memento mori! But the making of the feature was covered widely in the press at the time. It was, after all, a great victory for the Allies, and the picture did cost a lot of money. It was mostly shot on Spanish locations and many of the pilots were Spanish.

There are some points made that I think of as mistakes or, let's say, lapses. The high-level British staff are arguing over tactics. One wants a "big wing" (ie., a lot of fighters assembled in the air before attacking the German bombers) and the other complains that it takes too long for a big wing to get organized. By the time they're ready, the bombers have finished their job and are on the way home. But in this argument over tactics, no mention is made of the fact that the British "vic" formation proved ineffective against the Luftwaffe's "finger four", and so the British copied the German formation.

It's a small point but it reflects the attitude of the production and direction, which consistently leaves out the disadvantages that the German fighters were operating under. They had about 25 minutes of combat time over England before their fuel ran out. Much was made of this same problem when we faced it during the Allied bombing campaign over German.

The sense of witnessing history is a little tainted by the appearance of the Me-109s. The Messerschmidt fighters we see have a large air intake just behind the spinner, giving them a pregnant appearance and costing them the sleek outlines of the originals.

The director, Guy Hamilton, is heard musing about his conflict over whether or not he should add his own point of view to objective historical facts. He decides that he should, that it's his moral duty. I'm not so sure because the more subjective a narrative plot becomes, the more it resembles propaganda.

There's a very readable story in an issue of Esquire Magazine that was published about the time of this release. Among other juicy notes, it has all the other pilots laughing at the wild behavior of the Spanish flyers, who were hot-dogging it all over the sky.

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