The Bank Shot


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 1184 1.2K


Top cast

Joanna Cassidy as Eleonora
George C. Scott as Walter Upjohn Ballentine
Bob Balaban as Victor Karp
Clifton James as Streiger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SimonJack 6 / 10

Dump the warden's pursuit and this could be a very good comedy caper

George C. Scott didn't make many comedies, and when he did he played the straight man. Any movie buff who has seen much of his work would probably doubt his ability to do comedy any other way. "The Bank Shot" turned out not very good. But the plot for this film had real potential. All it needed to be successful would have been to eliminate the character or most of the role that Clifton James plays, as Streiger.

Once Scott's Walter Ballentine escapes from prison, there's no further need for Streiger in the movie. But the decision to sort of build a double plot - around Ballentine's bank heist efforts, and the Streiger-led efforts to catch Ballentine's gang, ruins this film. It creates overload, and removes any suspense there might be about the heist working. Besides, who ever heard of a warden leading a police network and manhunt?

No, I think the plot without the organized chase by Streiger would have been a very good comedy, with the gang encountering and dodging the usual police presence. Then, the time and space saved from the Streiger removal could have had a little more comedy put into the dialog of the crooks. And, the ending could have been kept as is, with regular police arriving on the scene, or changed to something else creatively funny.

I was quickly annoyed by the diversions to Streiger after the first one, and instead tried to enjoy the heist plot and antics without letting the diversions take away from the film. With that I can give this film six stars. Take Streiger out after the prison break and it would jump at least one notch. Put in some more comedy around the gang and it could climb to an 8-star film for entertainment.

Reviewed by carp68 4 / 10

Lightweight fun with a good cast

"The Bank Shot" is a pleasant enough little film with a decent cast that you've seen in many other movies and television episodes. George C. Scott is a terrific actor. Three distinct movies that show his broad acting range (in my opinion) are "Anatomy Of A Murder", "Patton", and "The Bank Shot." I felt he handled the comedy in this movie very well. The novel that this was taken from (by Donald Westlake) is quite funny as are most of his books. Two other films based on Westlake's novels, "The Hot Rock" & "Cops And Robbers" were filmed in the same era and are equally funny. Joanna Cassidy was bubbly and bright and very attractive (still is, too!). Sorrell Booke was a treat and got to ham it up the most as Ballentine's "lawyer", Al G. Karp. By the way, speaking of ham, did anyone else catch that the character name Hermann X (portrayed by Frank McRae) sounds an awful lot like "ham & eggs?" Clifton James narration was quite humorous especially during the opening scenes. G. Wood was very good in M.A.S.H (and M*A*S*H--television) and plays Streiger's assistant quite ably. Overall, an innocuous flick with humor, slapstick and hardly any cursing so watch it with the family. Most enjoyable and worth viewing for all the actors you know and love.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 2 / 10

"Hello Walter. It's so nice to have you back where you belong."

An early laugh in this film directed by Gower champion has a reference that will make you think of his Broadway musical "Hello Dolly!", rather obscure ten years after its Broadway opening, but amusing to those who get it. There's also the presence of Bibi Osterwald, Carol Channing's understudy, playing an amusingly eccentric supporting character. But for the most part, this caper comedy isn't very funny, and it takes an hour for the caper to the begin.

The story surrounds the theft of a bank. Not a bank robbery, but the actual lifting up of a trailer that is home to a bank in a shopping center (then known as a plaza), placed on a flatbed truck and take it into a warehouse where the circus like atmosphere has all the perpetrators (led by George C Scott and Joanna Cassidy) trying to get the darn thing open.

Decent supporting performances by Osterwald, Clifton James and Sorrell Brooke are minor saving graces to this fiasco which made right after the success of the same author's "The Hot Rock". Scott has a sneer on his face throughout that could be disgust as if he knows it's going to tank which it did. Its attempt to be wistful fails miserably, so their bank shot ends up being the title's second word with a different vowel.

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